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Saturday, December 21, 2013

What No One Wants to Talk About

From the American Prospect:¤t_page=1#bookmark

This History of Labor's Decline in the USA, and the World, since 1974, is well worth the time.
The Take-Away?

"he decline of the American job is ultimately the consequence of the decline of worker power. Beginning in the 1970s, corporate management was increasingly determined to block unions’ expansion to any regions of the country (the South and Southwest) or sectors of the economy (such as retail and restaurants) that were growing. An entire new industry—consultants who helped companies defeat workers’ efforts to unionize—sprang up. Although the National Labor Relations Act prohibits the firing of a worker involved in a union-organizing campaign, the penalties are negligible. Firings became routine. Four efforts by unions to strengthen workers’ protections during the Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama presidencies came up short. By 2013, the share of private-sector workers in unions declined to just 6.6 percent, and collective bargaining had been effectively eliminated from the private-sector economy."

Frikkin Marx was right, again...and if We, as a Nation, are really so against everything Marxist, then this must change....and those at the Tippy-Top must learn again to care about all the folks who work for them.
Otherwise, I predict that at some point, Uncle Karl will prove right, again...and Ordinary Folks will tire of being Shat Upon, and finally see through the artificial Divisions peddled by the Neo-Aristocrisy,and revolt.
Conversation with my Uncle, some years ago:
Him:" You know how Stone Crab Claws are Harvested?.....the Crabber captures them at the Crab-Bed, and removes one Claw....and throws the Crab back. Crabber will return to the same spot, every year...and declaw the same Crabs, every year..."
Me:" of these days, them Crabs are gonna Rise Up..."
I haven't eaten Stone Crab, since.
As I've said a million times...this is exactly why Marx, et alia, are so Verboten in the's exactly why Unions are so's Exactly the Reason behind all the numerous Divisions and Factionalisations of the American it Abortion,"Welfare Queens"/"Lazy Poor",Perennial Anti-Commie Hysteria,the War on Drugs, the Global War on Terrah,the recurring reanimation of Racism, Homophobia, Classism,Anti-Feminism, and on and on...."Liberalism", as a Slur....
Those at the Tippy-Top...the Aristocracy that pretends to Not Exist...cannot abide all us little people finding Common Cause.
Corporate Media(Thanks, Bill Clinton!), will never tell this tale...PBS dances around the edges(Moyers)...
High School Economics...a whole Semester...doesn't actually Teach Economics.
Thought is Discouraged.
Idleness is of the Devil.
All of this will likely continue to work, at least for a while.
But at some unknown Threshold,a Spark will Ignite the volatile gasses of those at the Bottom, and Aristocrat will become the Other White Meat.
...and the great shame will be that, all the Aristocrisy will have had to do to stave off such "disruption", was to be a little Fair Minded...and a little less Greedy.

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