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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Condoms do not Cause Sex.
A Living Wage does not Cause economic contraction.
Unemployment Insurance doesn't Cause Unemployment.
The Social Safety Net does not Cause Poverty.....oh....and Gay People do not Cause Hurricanes.
Similarly, Gay Marriage doesn't Cause the Failure of regular Marriage.
After thirty plus years of believing real hard, I think it's safe to say that Tax Cuts do not Cause Robust Employment, and that a “Rising Tide” does not , necessarily, lift all boats.
That so many can be convinced of these obvious fallacies, is a testament to the effectiveness of the Mindfuck.
There's something to be said for Empiricism,lol.
How about this?
Fifty years of subverting the Persian People's self determination does not endear our nation to the Persian People.
Forty plus years of meddling in Persia and Iraq doesn't engender Trust.
A Century of dictating the Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia, and screwing with the Sovereignty of the rest of the so-called “Arab World”, from Kyrgyzstan to Mauritania, does not win the Hearts and Minds of the People who live there.
Almost seventy years of one sided, full throated support for matter how they behave...has done nothing to bring Peace in the Middle East any closer to Reality.
Here are the Causes of “Terrorism”.
Closer to home...”Drill, baby, drill” will do nothing to make the USA “Energy Independent”.
That 3000 mile Pipeline is meant for exporting “our” oil...
Marijuana doesn't Cause Heroin Addiction...
Foodstamps(SNAP) are as close as anything to Fraudproof.
Disability is NOT the “New Welfare”.
Globalism is Bad for the Domestic Economy.
Giant Multinational Corporations are the Real Welfare Queens.
Con Agra is Not a Small Farmer.
Walmart is NOT a Small Business.
Neither is Raytheon.
More than Half of the much maligned “Government Spending” is on War and Preparations for War...not “Welfare”....or “Entitlements”.
Critical Thinking is not “of the Devil”.
Ignorance is NOT Strength.
The Book of Genesis is NOT Science.
Finally, “Obamacare” is NOT Socialism...but that Road,the VA, and Medicare, are.

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