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Sunday, December 8, 2013

“Third Way”

The Democrats need a Populist Movement.
The Party is in danger of being hijacked, once again, by so-called “Centrists”, just like in the 90's.
Here's an the Wall Street Journal of all places...from “Third Way”...which is a retread of the Democratic Leadership Council of former times:

And here's a sharp rebuttal...of the two, the one with a demonstrable connection to Reality....

There's 2 reasons why we can't have nice, the Right Wing, with their Money and Organisational skills and their Mythology that seems so easy for very busy and economically uneducated Americans to believe...
And 2 the Right Wing of the Left(!?)...embodied in the Corporate Wing of the Democratic Party....that is always at the ready to snatch defeat(for the People) from the steely jaws of Victory.
The People, in the main, are Progressive.
This is borne out in numerous polls and other long as one avoids broad conventional descriptors, like “Liberal”, and “Progressive”...and instead focuses on specific policy points and programs and Ideals.
“Third Way” is the Machine playing both sides of the fence.
As such, it should be resisted just as much as the pernicious Right is resisted.
What these apologists for Oligarchy will bring us, is a continuation of the failed Reaganism we've been laboring under for so long...under the blue flag of Democrats.
It is sort of understandable, that this was seen as necessary in the 90's...under Clinton...
Perhaps the nation wasn't yet ready for an actual Liberal resurgence.
The Mountain of Bullshit was simply too high, at the time.
This is not the case, today.
We do not need a “Third Way”.
We do not need “Centrism”.
We need the Left.
We require Liberals to stand up and fight the Corporate Feudalism that we inherited from the Reagan Revolution.
Argumentum ad Temperantiam gets you Half a Bridge.

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