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Sunday, December 22, 2013

So Many Worlds....

So little time.

Probably my biggest shortcoming in being able to function in this Modern World, is my interest in too damned many things.
I often summarize this as “...everything except sports.”....although this is not entirely accurate,lol.
(I have little interest in the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, for instance...but harbor an almost unhealthy love-from-afar for Jennifer Aniston(Ack!))
Keeping up with Current Events...and with the broad Trends, domestically and sometimes overwhelming...and then, when I vomit forth my interpretations and impressions, it is difficult to Cite everything that I have in my Mind, at that moment.
My Default Position is expecting whatever Disembodied Interlocutor that I'm speaking to(always un-named)(1*), to be as erudite and informed as I try to have read all the shit that I've read, and thought about the same things that I've thought about.
I understand that this ends up making me Obscure, and hard to understand...especially when I engage with the Mundanes; like in Letters to the Editor.
Over the years, I've winnowed down the list of Periodicals that I try to pay attention to...I'm an almost lifelong subscriber to NatGeo, for instance...and Scientific American. I read the Economist, when I can afford to...and Foreign Policy in Focus. I dig “Astronomy” Magazine, and Mother Earth News. I prefer WaPo, to the NYT...Austin American Statesman to the Dallas Morning News.
While I link more often to Liberal Sites(go figger...), like Alternet, I make a point of reading the WSJ, and the Weekly Standard, and even Redstate...I have my opinions, but I don't like the feeling one gets when one is in an Information Silo.
I avoid Fox News, and only go to World Net Daily to throw rotten fruit...I have zero respect for either.
I read AEI's reports and publications, and Cato's...and find that I prefer the former.
Of all the “conservative” places I frequent, in my quest for Godlike Perspective, I like Front Porch Republic the best.
Everyone knows about my love of Wiki...but I don't take anything for granted.
I have always loved Footnotes, and Cf's and EG's...and follow them wherever they lead.
It's a hard row...and takes a lot of time, and effort.
When I say that Cripplehood has been a sort of Blessing, this is what I'm referring to. I wouldn't have time to pay attention like this, if I had to work 40 hours.
All of this doesn't take into account the Books...I usually maintain a Pile of 10-15, by the bed. Poetry, Philosophy, SciFi, and Historical Fiction, mostly.
I'm amazed when I think about what all I've'd I manage that?lol

For a while, there, my eyes were getting pretty my Book intake fell off. I finally got real glasses a year ago...and they worked up until the last 4 months. I'm due to return to the Eye Doctor, next month...and expect thicker lenses. I can't read, at all, without glasses; even on the computer(without the largest font-size,which entails a continuous side to side scrolling(or whatever that's called))
My Amazon Wish List grows at a much faster pace than I can reasonably keep up with(Donations are accepted, as always: )

What gets “published” on the blog is maybe 15% of what I write.
I have several hard drives of rantings and ravings, salvaged from Computers that have crashed and burned...eventually, I'll get around to accessing those...maybe unplug for a while and try to write an actual book of my own.
Again, it's hard to winnow my interests.
It's even harder to slow down my brain, and give a particular subject the attention to detail it requires. (my Ideal Girl Friday will not only be a Masseuse, and Gardener, but a Secretary/Editor/Foil)
The Blog has mainly been an outlet for my frustration...since I have no one to talk to about the “ten thousand things”, save my very busy Wife, and my Mom.
(and all of you nebulously Silent people, out there.)
The Snake has been a setback in getting to the Space for Writing has been disrupted...and that's a pretty large psychological thing.
I sorely miss my Books.
I hope to have the New Library ready for Ingress by Spring...but it will prolly be Summer before I can start moving in.
The Simultaneous oversight of the beginnings of Infrastructure for Trees and Vines will complicate matters.(Need a Golf Cart!)
Once the Vineyard and Orchard and Grove are in the ground, I reckon I can settle into a groove, and begin the Magnum Opus.
I'm considering applying for a Grant...a Writing Grant, or something...although I have Zero Experience with such things, and have little idea of where to even begin.
I only recently learned of the existence of those...and am wary, and leery, and uncomfortable. More research is indicated.(perhaps an avenue for acquiring that Girl Friday/Research Assistant,lol)
Oh, well.
I overexerted myself, day before yesterday...and then stayed at Mom's, where I couldn't sleep, and couldn't get comfortable(I need those 19 pillows!)...and have had about all the sitting up at my desk that I can handle, today.
It's cold, and wet, and unpleasant...and there's several Low Pressure Features wandering around within range of my Skeletal Barometer.
I hate Winter!
So it's To Bed! And Star Trek(Voyager)...
Rest up for another Wood Run to Mom's, manana...
Y'all know that you can comment, right?lol
And Email?
I know you're out there, dammit.
No sense hiding.

(1*) This is an old habit of mind, from my earliest intellectual flowering...I was often alone, and developed a sort of technique of internal debate, where I would carry on “conversations” with my absent best buddy...and later, with various historical figures,and the like.
It was just a more interesting way of talking to myself, and I have found it to be more productive to try to anticipate and give “voice” to an Opposition, in my internal debates.
Does anyone else do this?lol

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