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Monday, December 2, 2013

Assumptions and "Poverty"

Typically, the dude from the Heritage Foundation has no clue what it means to be Poor.
We have 2 full sized refrigerators....and 2 deep freezes...under this guy's criteria, we are not “poor”.
Of course, all 4 of these appliances are either cast offs from some wealthy relation, or inherited, as it were, from my late grandmother.
One of those freezers is full of geese and chickens from our place.
I allege that this does not exclude us from the ranks of “The Poor” is merely evidence of prudence and forethought, on our part, when we have bumped into an opportunity.
Another bullet point in Heritage's criteria for Non Poverty is the presence of things like AC and Computers, perhaps a vehicle and a working front door....Cable and the Internet....maybe a $10 subscription to Natgeo, or something....these are not indicative of Wealth...
This Heritage Guy wants to define “Poverty” as “Starvation” and Homelessness...both of which are, indeed, Rare in our country.

It's easy for me to critique these utterances, as I am Disabled, and certainly feel “Poor”...but I can understand how folks from Heritage, and many other folks, could fall for such a hazy and(from my pov) Ridiculous set of Assumptions...I have often recommended Immersion for folks who want to talk about Poverty, and what it means to be Poor.
None of these guys ever talk about Wage Stagnation, relative to Inflation.
This is likely the biggest factor in Poverty in can work one's ass off, and not have enough money for the Basics...Then you get a windfall and sign up for cable.
The point of Poverty in America is being on the edge....I may have internet, now(Because I paid for a year of it, when the tax return came...which makes me Prudent)...but I could easily be without sufficient gasoline/propane/electricity/car insurance/internet/firewood/and a hundred other things, next month.
You just never know.

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