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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bones, in Lieu of Blood

I keep hearing, during the “debate” over economics these last few months, a well worn trope from the Right...that FDR “Made the Depression Worse”.
As with most such assertions, there's very little evidence for this...just recycled hot air and spittle.
There are a great many such planks in the rickety porch, these days...”Lazy Poor”,”Minwage causes Unemployment”,”Unemployment Bennies cause Unemployment”,”Minwage is only for pimply highschoolers”, and on and on.
I am pleased to see that this collection of cowpies is being challenged, more and more.
The first one is what has me vibratory, this morning.(FDR)
Bunch of stuff on Alternet, today:¤t_page=1

Disaster Capitalism, Neo-Mercantilism, Neo-Feudalism, Cartels...
There's lots of shit to be pissed off about.
But the “FDR made the Great Depression Worse” thing...

With the New Deal, FDR arguably saved the country from a violent French Style Revolution.
Unwitting apologists for the Embarrassingly Wealthy...who themselves are often not too far from the Poverty Line, ...seem to have never considered this...that at some point, folks get sick of being Shat upon.
Living Wage, worker protections and a Social Safety Net are not just the Moral positions...not just the Right Things to Do...they are in everyone's interest.
Remove all of that...make more Poors, and more hunger, more destitution, and less chance of redress...and you set the stage for an uprising, if not a revolution.
Is this what my Tea Party neighbors want?
For all their fear and loathing of Commies behind every tree, their own policies all but ensure the thing they Fear the most.

….which is the real reason for this growing trend:

I reckon that it would be much more cost effective to merely Pay the People, and treat them right.

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