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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Little Vulcan in my head

"Someday denying facts, accepting unquestioned assumptions as facts, and emotively beating back facts will no longer be welcome in the parlor rooms of civil society, but relegated to conceptual zoos -- where our denialists, dogmatists, and sensationalists will as always be free to continue burrowing, howling, and screeching, but where such irrational utterances will be ignored by the (in this case rounded) ears of We The Sentients. "

Watching last night's Msnbc lineup, this morning...and the bubbling subtext of all of it is futility...the Mindfuck has been so damned successful that it's hard to determine just what I'm fighting against.
I've sort of danced over the surface of this Thing, for some time...Assumptions, as Fact; Emotion, as Evidence.
on and on.
Whatever the Machine is, it's in all of our heads, to some degree...polluting our Thought Processes, and blurring our Vision.
In the last few months, during my all too common Down Time, when I'm forced into a chair or the bed...I've plowed through several hundred episodes of Star Trek...from TOS, to TNG, to Enterprise, to DS9, to Voyager.
Besides making me Think about all manner of things...(NASA has a whole Unit at JSC in Houston devoted to Warp Field Theory!)...the Take-Away has been that what I've termed my "Executive"...that portion of my Mind, that rides around with me Observing Vulcan.
Coldly Reasoning...and resisting the Myriad Assumptions that dominate our Collective Minds.
The current cloud of bullshit regarding the Bearded Hillbilly, whom A&E sent on vacation, due to his unguarded utterances, confirming that he's a Hillbilly(Shock!)....and the Noise Machine goes nuts.
The response to this whole hysterical bullshit cloud is Nuanced and Reasoned...and that simply won't fit on a bumper sticker...and wouldn't penetrate the Unreason and Emotion and Assumptions.
It's a dead raccoon in the Chicken House of our Collective Mind...and nothing can calm everybody down for long enough to say..."but the Coon is dead..."
Both masquerading as Reasonable Thinking.
We've a rather steep hill to climb...

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