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Monday, December 16, 2013

On Torture, and GITMO.Redux

My very first Post dealt with this...(
Gitmo is still open, and those who justified it's construction and continued use, are still on TV, attempting to scare us into inaction.
The 180 or so “Detainees” who are still there have not even been charged with a crime...they are still outside the Judicial System...and any attempt by the Obama Administration to send them home, or to bring them to actual Justice, brings forth the same tired old scaremongering...”Terrists”...”Out to Murder Americans”....
The real reason, of course, that these men can never see the inside of a courtroom, is that they are in Gitmo in the first place because of “evidence” gained by 2 kinds of immoral and illegal means; Bounties offered to folks in Afghanistsn to turn in their Rivals, and Torture.
In the case of Bounties,I remember when this was all over the foreign Warlords would collect thousands of US Dollars for turning in their Rivals and local enemies to US Soldiers and CIA Operatives, often on the shakiest of evidence...that shaky evidence won't hold up in a US Court.
Similarly with Torture Victims...CIA went hog-wild, snatching folks up and torturing them, or disappearing them into Syrian or Egyptian jails to be Tortured on CIA's behalf. “Evidence” derived from Torture is inadmissable in US Courts...and rightly so.
So the real reason for keeping these poor sots in Judicial Limbo is to avoid having to face our countries illegal and immoral actions.
This is Cowardice.
I am ashamed to call myself an American, if this is how we administer Justice.
My own US Senator, Ted Cruz, asked a bunch of specious and misleading questions at a hearing...and had as an “Expert Witness” the insane and cruel Frank Gafney, of all people...

Everybody keeps referring to these folks in GITMO as “Terrorists”, as if that had been legally and definitively has not been so settled...none of them has even been Charged with a Crime, let alone seen the inside of a Courtroom. All of the “Evidence” against them remains a state know, because “Terrism!!!”...
Apparently, the American People cannot be trusted to have all of the facts before them....(

I call on Senator Cruz, and all the other apologists for Murderous, Extrajudicial Empire, to allow the American Justice System to Function.
To do otherwise is not only Cowardly, but Unamerican.
I'd like nothing more than to be Proud to be an American, again.
The Senate should release it's report on Torture, and bring these men to Justice, openly and once and for all.

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