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Monday, December 16, 2013


When my neighbor said he needed my Geese, to mow...we set up the big orange temporary fences, and chased them in there.
Put the big water bowl where they could see it, with a goodly drip...and waited.
Geese are the most Conservative of birds.
When they're used to a closed gate, it takes a lot of convincing to get them to realise, and accept, that it's open.

Here, they're trying to decide if the “other gate”....a hole in the open, and where it may lead.
I'm sitting with my coffee beside the big gate.
Otherwise, they'll return to our side, and honk and carry on, and look at all that grass from familiar(and barren) territory.
Strangely, once they get used to the idea that the neighbor's place is Cool...they'll have no problem finding a hole in the temporary fence and moving on down the block.
Investigating the new perimeter, looking longingly at the garden that they're used to.
Chickens and Ducks will follow, once the Geese have learned that they can go and come at will.
The Birds have done what I intended, to our two lots...only took 5 years.
Not a blade of grass, and nothing but Maximilian Sunflowers and those damned Trumpet Vines are left, where there used to be towering stands of brush, and weeds.
I'll likely start moving Hens out to Mom's , soon.
Eat a few more Roosters...
Of those, I've had something of an invasion of Feral Roosters, these last 6 months...I don't know where they came from.
My poor Hens!
Things finally settled down after we butchered a few, and the rest figured out which Hen was who's...Each Rooster has a Harem, and they go their own way, now.
I've given up on Gardening, here...there's something in the dirt...aside from the likely “Persistent Herbicide” that I inadvertently imported with the 3 tons of Manure. Even fruit trees will hardly grow...out of 20+, I have 5 left.
It's bad for my Mojo, and makes me question my lifelong Green Thumb.

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