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Sunday, December 15, 2013

black santa

This is what passes for Discourse?
A Fictional, Iconic Hero, associated with many Magical abilities and traits...
Fat man, fits through the chimney...where I have always assumed that there would be fire and smoke and sparks(it's frikkin Winter!)
Flying, talking reindeer...flying sleigh...all of which have the ability to suspend the laws of physics, and to be everywhere at once...who lives at the North Pole, of all places(Ultima Thule)...and who employs Elves, in order to suspend physics, again, and make all the toys and stuff in the world.
Why can't such a herois and magical figure also be multicolored?
Like the Jewish Elijah...who they set a place at the table for(sim: cookies and milk, set out for the red and white and sooty anti-burgler)
TINA is too much a habit of mind, for some folks, I guess.
"There can be no alternative"...even in Mythological Things...

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