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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This won't be posted this month (July 2010), due to lack of funds for 100 feet of Cat-25.
I am truly sorry for the large print, and as someone said, the black background..."making it hard to read"....The reason for these inconveniences are due to my own eyes, and my ancient machine.
I'm in my new Library/Lyceum/Amfortas' Cave....and, thus, am using my 98 Gateway, running Win98SE.
I have never purchased a computer, or a program, and would like to continue my program of non-monetary participation in WebWorld, for as long as possible.
I have 59 linear feet of shelf space (so far...) in what used to be an abandoned, floorless hole of a room,attached(a continuation, really) to/of the garage.
I hear they played Dice in here, 20 years ago.
Don't know what the original purpose of the room was.
I removed the accumulated junk, over the last year....the Chickens stayed in here for a time, last Winter....and, once I had finished the Smithy/Shop, floored this room...and started insulating(Hated Stuff!) and walling and building shelves, installing windows,and generally moving in.
I have a place, finally, for all my well as my Coffin Table (early 1800's Romanian Coffin), my Grandad's Desk(Pop), my Grandmother's Couch (Gagoo), and all the myriad knick-knacks and detritus that I keep to help me remember my life, and that of my Ancestors.
I've got all manner of Cool Things, from a chunk of the Berlin Wall, that my exWife picked up at it's sledgehammering in "girly pictures" of Polynesian and Micronesian girls, that my Grandad(Pop) saved, along w/ his letters and postcards from the Pacific, during the War.
About a million Fossils and Artifacts, a Duck Decoy, handmade by my Great Grandad("Daddy"(AE))....Hubcap from my Roach Coach Toronado (450ci), w/ the "Choose Death" bumper sticker attached...
Shit my Kids made for me...shit I made for my Mom.
And Pop's Elk Horns....
I have yet to finish the insulation, and the interior walls....and the electrical!, I'm running off extension cords!....but i figger that'll be a good cold weather gig.It's 100 degrees, and all I got is a coupla fans.

I'm out here, drinking Scotch (JWR), smoking a Pipe, and another kind of Pipe....listening to Leon Redbone(Seduced!) and Cannonball Adderly and Miles Davis(Kind of Blue) and John Coltrane(Giant Steps).
I reckon I can get another 76 linear feet into this room, of bookshelf....and it won't be enough for the books I already have.
I'll have a busy Winter.
In the mean time, I have Deck , and a wheelchair ramp , to build...and the Cowboy Pool looks enticing(I just cleaned it)...
I have plenty of Scotch and Shiner (Liquor First!)(Prosit!)...and a little bit of the High Dollar Weed (they call it "Hydro", as in "Hydroponic", around here...but the sophistication is an unknown....not really worth the $$$$, but it does get one exceedingly High)....and the implied leave of my Beloved to drink... with the usual caveat of "not getting Crazy"...which is always problemattically prone to interpretation....
My Eldest is busy painting a bunch of Rocks, that I will hafta appear to "display" for awhile....
And there is a full-length mirror on the door into the "Garage", facing me.

My beard is , unintentionally, filling out.
(.I shave in the bathtub, and I havent taken a real bath in a month....showers!,dammit!)...and white, grey, mixed in with the red/auburn...My hair is ponytailed, so I can actually see myself, and I look gaunt....all those sleepless nights.
Aside from the beergut (which is turning into a Pot Belly), and the Raccoon-Circles under my eyes....I look pretty good, I guess...
Salt and Red Pepper.
It's alright, I have Coon Ass in me.
I'm Stoned, and have Transitioned...from Scotch and Water, to Shiner.
I like myself better w/ Long Hair.....

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