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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall has begun

Fall has that we have had our first Cold Front.
I know...because I detected it in my Bones, and because it was 59 degrees, at 4am, for several mornings.
The Winter Constellations, as well as what I presume to be the Orionid Meteor Shower, have been in the Eastern Sky.
Sirius is no longer rising with the Sun...rather, an hour ahead of him.
This morning, the Lava Lamp has what looks suspiciously like a Tit, on the bottom, complete with erect Nipple...while hanging from the top, there is a Phallus, with a bulbous Head.
The implication is clear.
I am Horny.
I took a picture, but there's only so much to be done with Digital.
Serendiptous Porn, in a Lava Lamp.
I await the Money Shot.

For some reason, we have been short of $$$ this month.
Two weeks to go, till payday, and I'm out of Cigs.
Might have something to do with the Phone Bill being back...(I had paid up for several months, with the last tax return)
Could, also, be the weekly trips to the Kerrville, and now Fredericksburg, for Ben's Allergy the two trips for the first Illnesses of Fall.(week before School)
Kerrville is 65 miles, one way.
Fritztown is 38, or so....
Too, cigarettes are an extreme $50/carton...even the Indian Cigs I am partial to.
Thanks, Obama and the more Liberal Congress Creatures.
Around 50% of the cost is Taxes....
A Regressive Tax, if ever there was one.
It is, according to the Rhetoric, paying for all the fine Health Care we recieve.(Scoff!)
I had been getting them online, from the Indian Reservation...a Soveriegn Nation...for $25/ct.
Now, it's illegal to send them in the Mail, even UPS.
Sticking it to Native Americans, once again.
And to the 20% who still dare to smoke.
Rolling my own, a lot, this month.
August, traditionally, is the smallest paycheck of the year for Teachers, and other School employees.
It's in the way they figger it.
Since they don't actually work in the Summer, their Pay is averaged out over the they won't go 3 months without.
I have looked into it, and they (the Paymasters) use some pretty esoteric math to arrive at a sum that could just as easily be had from a simple equation...
Another example of Unecessary doubt designed to Confuse the they can't easily determine how they're getting screwed.
( Tit has receded, save the Nipple...but the Penis is hanging low, almost fully Erect...looks like it's almost ready...)

(is it hot, on here?)

Too, there was another trip to Magnolia/Houston that depleted our funds, and set us up to be short.
I'll be glad when all that sells...I'd rather not go back.
Since Gagoo got sick, last Summer, I've been to the Houston Area 8+ times, mostly since she died.
Estate Wrangling, etc.
I've run off with lota Tools...and Knick Knacks...and Furniture, etc etc....
Clearing out 56 years of our Occupation of Karen Switch.

I have wandered the Neigborhood...hung out at the Hill...into the (now) Jungle leading down towards my Old House....Far Field, now overgrown....trees that weren't even sprouts when I lived there, now 20 feet high.
Too much Memory!
...and Nervousmaking!...I don't leave the place, if I can help it, till it's time to head back.
Fucking Cops....I should probably sue them, and T=ball PD, and Jerry for starting all this Neurosis...
I was Hunted...Persecuted...on the say so of a rich town Elder, while his numerous Crimes went unacknowledged, let alone unpunished.
I hadn't realised how much it had effected me till this last year, with all the revelations via Facebook...reconnecting with folks from back then...especially Jerry's estranged Daughter....who was the excuse for setting the Dogs onto my scent.

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