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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


How many times have my neighbors seen me Naked?
I have endeavored to shield my Refuge, my Curtelage, from the World...
The Back Yard is enclosed; fences, the Smithy, 15' Sun Flowers, Strategically allowed Bushes and Trees.
Probably a million times, if they're paying attention...
Mostly, folks don't pay attention, however.
I have always been a Naturist.
10 years old, and I'm Naked in the Woods.
Mostly nothing Sexual about it...that's just the Puritan Mythology at work.
Nakedness breeds Honesty...there is Nothing to Hide behind.
And if there's one thing our Civilisation cannot abide, it's Honesty.
Neitzche said, as Zarathustra,"Uniform they call it, that which they wear. Is it not Uniform, that they therewith Hide?"
Clothing...beyond protection from the a Social Construct.
It Speaks of Fear....Fear of Oneself, of Others, of the World.
Fear is expressed as Shame. Of what are you Ashamed?
Uncle Walt said, "Undrape! You are not Guilty, to me!"
I reject Original Sin.We hide ourselves from ourselves...and thereby hide the God Within Us.
In America, Nakedness is equated with Sexuality.
Sexuality, is Forbidden.
1600 Years of Fear of the Sensual....since Augustine became Afraid.
And Separated Man from Nature.
From the Divine.
From Belonging.
Duality breeds Fear.
Fear of the Other...the Not Us.
And what of the Other within Us?
We are encouraged to be Afraid of that one, as well.
What we are taught to Fear, by Misdirection, is Truth.
We are a Part of the World, not Separate from it.
The Divine is within us, and we have no need of Priests,Interlocutors, MiddleMen...they ensure us that we Need them,
but this is for the purpose of Justifying their Priviledge.
If we have God within us, what need for Them?
Our Society is Ill...War, Rapine, Greed...we Misdirect our Shame onto Ourselves.
This serves to Shield our Civilisation from Introspection...and those who benefit from the War and Avarice can continue...
Because they have convinced us that it is Us that is the Problem.
Go to the Wild...and Get Naked.
Be Still.
The Wilderness Forgives, easily.
Soon, the critters, the Wild Things, Forget that you are there...that you are separate.
That's because you are not.
You are a part of the World.
And Mighty because of it.

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