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Friday, August 20, 2010

On "Taking Our Country Back."

One has to ask, "From Whom?!"
Who has run away with Our Country?

To watch Faux News, and listen to the rest of the Right, one would get the impression that there has been some kind of Coup.
(Funny, I felt the same way after the Supreme Court intervened in Bush v. Gore...but that's another tale.)
The Narrative from the Right seems to implicate quite a large, not so shadowy, collection of groups and individuals.
President Obama is right at the top....but "It Ain't Racism."...and I have a three foot, spiral horn growing out of my forehead.
This Center Right chief Executive seems to be the best us Liberals can hope for.
He's an extension, so far of Clinton...who wasn't a Liberal, either...rather a "Good Cop" to counter the over-the-top destructiveness of the long term Reagan Revolution.
Yet, we hear every day, for years now, that he's a Closet Muslim, Not A Citizen, a Socialist/Communist/Fascist,a Dictator, a Lackey of the UN Invasion Force,and some kind of Internationalist, One World Manchurian Candidate who is (Obviously.) Out To Destroy the country from Within.
(Some of these things applied to Lil George, but nobody, except Liberals, seemed to mind, then...)
Illegal Aliens are another group we hafta "Take Our Country Back" from, apparently.
I know I sure wish that i had the opportunity to pick Tomatoes or Strawberries every day for a pittance!
How dare they take that away from me!
Queers are another...and something called "Secular Humanists". Queers are busy, it seems, foisting their "Perverse Ideology" (The Gay Agenda) on helpless Soldiers...and Teachers...forcing the latter to teach the Gay in schools.(!?)
"Secular Humanists" sound like my kind of folks...but I can't seem to find any.
I have asked the folks that seem so worried about this Nefarious Cabal to forward me their address, but i haven't heard back...
Socialists seem to be the biggest, baddest threat.
I find it kind of funny, in a macabre sort of way, that the Big Bank Bailout, TARP(lol), was a Bush Creation...but Obama is given Credit.
My dictionary has a definition of Socialist, and the Democratic Party just doesn't seem to rise to that least, to me...
Of course I'm a Soft Headed Liberal, so I could be mistaken.

So I hear all this Hollering and Gnashing of Teeth about Taking Our Country Back....and I just can't figure WHO we're trying to take it back from.If anybody had thought to ask me(which they did not) for a likely set of suspects for the Crime of Stealing the United States of America, I have a few in mind.
Giant Multinational Corporations would be at the very tippy top of my list...but the Right, even the "Little Guys" in the Tea Party, seem to really like Corporations...they keep wanting to "Set Them Free", or something.
The Obscenely Rich, the American version of the Aristocracy, is right up there at the top, too...but, again, the Right really, really likes Rich Folks.
Drug Warriors are another bunch I'd like to at least Curtail....add a little Common Sense, maybe even some Science, to the mix....
but that's Big Government the Right can get behind....
The Wisdom of placing so much Power in the hands of the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex ought to be revisited, too....that's, arguably, the Root of all the Big Shit That's Wrong With Us....but the Right Really Loves a War...and a Trillion Dollars a Year just ain't enough, it seems.

Want the Real Story?
The Right has never been all that thrilled with Democracy....except when they win.
When they are in charge, Democracy is soon as their Fuck Ups, which are always Legion, get to be so obvious that even the American Sheeple have had enough, and run them out of office...well, suddenly Democracy is a Tool of the Devil.
What the Right wants, deep down...possibly so deep, that most of them don't even realise it...what they really want is an end to the Enlightenment Project.
Rich White Men in Charge, by Divine Right...and the rest of us toiling in their fields and factories, Fearful and Ignorant.
Those on the Right who don't fit the Profile of Rich and White and Male and In Charge, sincerely believe that They, Too, can Be matter the evidence to the contrary.
There is a word that I like..."Palingenisis".That's Greek for "Again Birth" or "Rebirth" refers to, among other things, a Tool of ProtoFascists.
The Idea is to get the People to Pining for some Mythical Golden Age...when the Negroes Knew their Place, and all such Nonsense...."When things were green, and moving slow..."
Doesn't matter that this never happened...that it is entirely sells.
We are entering Very Dangerous Times.
With the recent Crazy over a gym near Ground Zero, and the escalating Eliminationist Rhetoric, I fear that the Civil War I've been worried about may be upon us...Muslims, Queers, Black and Brown and Red and Yellow Folks, Atheists and Liberals...Beware!
Orwell's 1984, Brave New World and a Handmaid's Tale are all just around the corner, if the Right gets it's way.

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