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Monday, August 2, 2010

On Immigration

Sen. Kyle has just said that we should repeal the 14th Amendment.
that's the one that freed the Slaves, and says, in so many words,"If yer born here, ya belong here."
Right Wing Fraidy Cats are concerned that the Evil Brown Hordes from Mexico,etc are cynically using this to produce what they call "Anchor Babies".
According to the Right, these nefarious Brown People sneak across the border, take jobs that otherwise Real (white) Amerrcans would have, and...on purpose...have a mess o' chilluns....who are Citizens, by virtue of being born Here.
The cry is heard, in Texas, at least, that the Reconquista is Here!...
For one thing, I don't know how all this frothing rhetoric is NOT Racist...
For another, if the Right wants to put an end to "Illegal Immigration", they are looking in the wrong place.
For starters, they can look at NAFTA...which, besides it's intended effect of helping giant Multinational Corporations skirt environmental and labor laws, and led immediately to a kind of reverse immigration (of Jobs)...also, very handily, destroyed the local economies of Mexico.
Mexican Campesinos (farmers) were suddenly expected to compete with Giant Corporate Agribusiness.
The price of corn collapsed, and Mexican Campesinos headed where there were jobs...ready and waiting.
That is where the Right should next place blame for all this "Invasion" and "eating out of our substance."(rolling of eyes)
What jobs are these poor folks flocking North to fill?
Corporate jobs.
Corporate Ag. Corporate Meat Processing.Corporate Mining. Corporate Construction.
The few stragglers , or the kin of those who came to work for Big Business, stand on corners, work in restaurants, toil in warehouses.
Just about all of them pay taxes.
It is well known (to those who care) that these folks have zero job security, zero representation, and zero chances of "getting ahead".
The Right should direct their Ire, their Righteous Indignation, their Spittle and Hate at Tyson, Cargill,et alia.
Big Ag is also, for whatever it's worth, the biggest a long, long way...of Government handouts to "Farmers".
It ain't the little Family Farms that are getting the bulk of these's Corporate Ag and the Already Rich.

But john Kyle won't say anything about all this.
It's so much easier to ride back into office on a wave of Racist Hatred for Brown People....who have been hurt by the shenanigans of Big Business
as much, if not more, as anyone else.

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