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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


(amy mann, wise up)

You expected something different?
The gOP has been headed in this exact direction for 40 years.
No-one should be in the least bit surprised or aghast.
As for the erstwhile Democratic Party...well...they have made their own fucking bed.
None of the DEmparty's stateside wonks and apparatchiks could be bothered to respond to my repeated warnings of this exact eventuality.
Donald Fucking Trump(tm) as “Leader of the Free World”.
Way to go, American Establishment.
Well done!
I don't blame the disaffected (largely white) Masses for this.
I blame, squarely, the so-called “Leadership”...not just of the respective parties, but of everything else, as well.
I blame the Movers and the Shakers.
The Captains of Industry,
the Elite, the Bourgeoisie, the Upper Middle Class the Clintons and the Bushes and all the rest of the representatives of our very own, if unacknowledged, Aristocracy, and their associated hangers on((upper 20%, approximately)...again, whose fundamental feature is that they pretend real hard that they don't exist.(“classless society”)
Can we talk about “Class”, now?
Or are you all still so fervently and intelligently against “all things marx” that it still cannot be even mentioned?

You, my neighbors and countrymen, are in the same frelling boat as the immigrants and brown people you blame it all on.
The Gay Community didn't invent Universal Hypercapitalism, nor did the African Continent introduce effective corporate monopolistic hegemony upon us all.
(one cannot legally sell an egg)
The Feminists did not engender a culture of Competition above all, and then lament the lack of “community”.
The American Muslim Community did not decide to implement an all out war on themselves...or on Black Americans who wouldn't even be here, but for the greed of white men.
The adherents of the “Party of Responsibility” have accepted none of the responsibility for the actual, real world , effects of the very policies and even Philosophies, they espouse.
Go you now, among your Neighbors... white, black and brown...and Ask.
Listen to their answers.
Listening is, apparently, a lost art.

The Democrats, of course, have similar problems: an Elite, divorced from the People.
Immune to their worries and concerns.
Dismissive of their input.
They should admit that it was stupid and shortsighted of them to abandon FDR,JFK and LBJ in the manner that they did(circa:1992).
And that it was in the height of arrogance, as well as ultimately counterproductive, to actively curtail the efforts of one Bernie Sanders.
Perhaps the “Democratic” Party should have rather let Democracy work, instead.
Thumb on the Scale never ends up well.

Both parties need to go.
Neither of them represent us.
I'm here for the Greens...their “Green New Deal” should be studied and thought and talked about.
But I wish I could talk about such things rationally...without getting bogged down in dogmatism and anomie and acrimony....and Ignorance! Please know of what you speak, before you speak!!
Let us look to our own...including our very own poor and our very own brown People.
We are your Neighbors and your friends and acquaintances.
We are not the Enemy.
We are, instead, potential Allies in the fight against those who would enslave us...both body and their Ideology.
(see: Front Porch Republic and First Things...I am nothing if not Thorough.)

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