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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Last Two Weeks.

Got the Garden in...including little fences around most of the Raised Beds, so's the Birds can mow.
Scraped, and now Panted, the front of the house...White, with Purple trim...(Puncher Purple, tho I just like Purple.)
Blue paint on the ceiling of the porch, Sky Blue, to discourage Mud Daubers and other Hymenoptera( they can live in all the inverted boots I've put on fence posts expressly fer them...

Finished, save for the double hose ends, in each of the beds...the grey water system. Not a drop wasted, save fer the toilet.

Rainwater finished...and full. Just under 1000 gallons.
Mushroom Garden(a pile of logs) inoculated.(and the little indoor one. )

Experimenting with a portable fence, so Birds can mow the ditch.
My String Trimmer/Brush-hog, finally bit the dust...I exhausted the application of baling wire, wood screws and tape.

I have around 50-60 living lawn mowers.
...for whom I'll plant Rye, Wheat, and buckwheat for , next week, on the Wild Lot.
They'll join Geese and Ducks in the Garden.
There is now a Ton, or two, of well rotted Manure, from the Feedlot(Free), in the back yard. Perhaps St Augustine(it's very shady and damp(relative to out here....others would likely call it "Dry",lol.)

Built a sort of tabletop greenhouse, for starting flats.If it moves, I don't need a permit.
(Imperial Entanglements)

A Million little other things have gotten done, in my usual Glidepath, Hobble By and Get It Done Style.All of this, on an average 4-5 hour day, interspersed, by necessity, with frequent breaks, Vicodin and Magic Brownies, then near catatonia, at evening.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here's a letter to the editor in response to this:

I know, I now, I can't leave well enough alone,lol....

Thankfully, Mr. Kemp's Morality is not yet the Law of the land...nor is the Federal Government the Enforcement Arm of his, or any other, Church.

Under our (Secular) form of Government, the Supreme Court gets to decide what falls under the Constitution. They did so, with Roe vs. Wade....and, although that may change at some future date, it has not yet.
We have no National Preachers, Bishops or Imams who are empowered to decide Morality for the rest of us. That is up to each Individual.
Even Female Individuals.
Yes, Mr. Kemp, Women are People,too....full fledged Citizens, with all of the Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities that you and I enjoy.

Under the Hyde Amendment, no (ZERO) Federal Dollars go to Abortions. The Federal Money that goes to Planned Parenthood is specifically spent on other services, which make up the greatest share of that groups' work .By cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood, not one abortion will be prevented. What the effect will instead be, is to deny routine health care to poor women. Cancer Screenings, Pap Smears, and, yes, Contraceptives....which, by the way, DO prevent abortions!

Ab Indignato,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swadeshi (Garden as Charkha)

Buying “Raw Milk” is very similar to buying Weed.
In many places, buying and selling and even producing Food…whether Milk Products, or even Veggies, has been effectively Criminalised.

I have yet to see an explanation by our Free Market Fundamentalist friends, on the Right.

I doubt one is forthcoming.

Where such activity is, on paper, Legal, one must still adhere to the Regulatory Structures, put into place by Friends of Corporate Agriculture….and where the Law is surmountable, as in my Lettuce Experience, there are still the “Industry Standards”…of , by and for Corps(e) Ag.

Witness the millions of Dollars worth of “Liability Insurance” that I was required to maintain if I hoped to sell Lettuce.

This is Protecting Monopoly.

And is further proof that the Idea of Hydraulic Despotism is alive and well…and is the fundamental Model for our Corps(e) Economy.
Hydraulic Despotism has been a feature of how we do “Energy”, for a very long time. From Electricity, to Oil, and it’s derivatives, to the marketing term, “Natural Gas”(Methane).

Similarly, in Medicine. One is all but forced to purchase “Health” from a member of the Club.
Banking, the same.

Even retail moves in that direction…Centralisation of the means of production, control of that production, and relegation of the Small Competitor(Adam Smith) to illegality, or at least, regulatory disadvantage. Homogenisation of the Produce of that Production is a related feature.

We are dependent on Giant, Centralised Power for our Subsistence.

Resistance is, increasingly, Marginalised…until it is Outlawed….usually accompanied by the spew of the Great Wurlitzer of Propaganda and Meme-ineering(Ure). The Backyard Farmer becomes the New Terrist….the Enemy of Mankind….as soon as he attempts to sell an Egg.

To “Legally” make enough Ethanol to fuel one’s lawn mower, and car(possible in old carburetor types, to my knowledge), one must jump through regulatory hoops, that have, as their only effect, making such activity economically unfeasible. The Regs negate the Cost Benefit.
One must Compete with Economies of Scale, on Their Playing Field.

To make $$$ selling an Egg…one must maintain an Egg Factory….Not a Backyard Chicken Flock. “Yard Eggs” are “Dangerous”, you see…while the Factory Eggs, are not.

Similarly, if one runs a CafĂ©, the tomatoes must be from an “Approved Source”…which equals a Large, “Agribusiness”…
Which we are to believe produces a Safer, Healthier “Product” than the Retiree with a Large Garden.

Purchasing Local Food, then, becomes a Revolutionary Act…an Act of Civil Disobedience. The Black Market that springs up is, also, a Revolutionary Thing.
Fight the Power; Buy Local.