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Saturday, March 31, 2018


spent the last 2 ½ hours watching a 5 foot Texas Rat Snake(we've named them all Jormungandr) make her way across the shop yard(under the Big Oak), up into some yard chairs, and onto the table, and then through a woodpile, and up into the Shop, and then from there up into the Big Oak.
Entered tree at about 10 feet, then went up another 20 up the main trunk(Post Oak) and into a hollow I didn't even know was there(likely a Boll formed where an old branch fell at some time prior to 23 years ago).
Suddenly, up pops Squirrel Momma...hopping around the hole, tail quivering, erect...and then downwards she plunges, and pulls up the ass end of a Squirrelbaby...half her size...and the snake has got it's head in it's grip!!
They fight over the Squirrelbaby!!!...a tug of war 25 feet up a 300(+_) year old Post Oak!!
Then Squirrelmomma pops out backwards with the baby...and runs off towards the house!

In a few minutes, she's back...and back down the hole.
Then out...runs around the tree...chases a lizard away...and then back down the hole.
She seems indecisive...unsure of what to do....then back down into the hole...head first...barking...tail erect.
Then runs around again...looks into hole...and vanishes.
Snake will be in that hole for at least 2 weeks, digesting Squirrelbaby #2.
(they eat rattlesnakes, too.)