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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Help Wanted

On days like today…wet, thick air, cold,damp,

wet…I get lonesome for July.

Three woodstoves roaring.

Green lights, incense, candles



I like a Hot Lubowski….(a bath, with a Splif)

Shiner Vacation.

Barricade the doors and windows, against the Cold.

And the Gray, lifeless Light.

“Cave it in.”, I said.

Green and yellow-orange light, inside.


Tropical .Jaoberto.


Chase the chill from my toes.

Barometer stuck on Low, so relatively Painless…

More so from the Vacation…

I’ll hafta get more wood, soon.

…and no longer be nekkid.


Bitches Brew, Sessions.(thanks, Mike, wherever you r )

I require a Butler.

Salary = Cooking Advice.

The occasional exhalation of Wisdom, perhaps.

Qualifications include; a Secret Identity,(preferably “Masseuse”!)

Adept at choosing which Wood to bring in, to where.

Tolerance for Unorthodoxy…as well as Casual Nudity.

X-Mas Bonus, consisting of year round informal instruction in Philosophy, History, Science,Mythology, and their interactions, through Time.

Apply within…the Cave, down there…(it’s OK, he doesn’t bite).

Expenditure of wood; Justified.

Amfortas runs the Voodoo down…

A Bass Clarinet.

Tropical. Hot.

Jolly Roger/King Death, above the door to the Library.

Offset light.

Shadows make it innerestin…all my Junk.

Coffin-Table, [on wheels now!]

Pop’s Desk. Gagoo’s Stuff, everywhere.

I need more Pinter Stuff to strow about…hang from the rafters.

Put in crannies.

I have WW2 postcards from the Pacific, from Pop.

Nada, from Papaw.





Stinking of Incense and Ganjah.

Yet, Clean.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Timor Populi; Evigilet Bestia

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”- Thomas Jefferson

The passage of this Bill, in the Senate, with a Veto-Proof Majority, sends one, glaring , message; The proverbial Powers That Be are terrified of what’s happening out beyond the walls, among the angry masses.

OWS, being leaderless, and unorganized( at least in conventional ways), is more successful than anyone thought possible. The usual smears of Faux News (dirty smelly hippie terrists) don’t seem to have any traction in a country that appears to be, Finally!, opening it’s collective eyes.

The rest of the Corporate Media (which , despite all evidence to the contrary, so many loud mouthed idiots continue to insist is “Liberal”), has tried to ignore the Movement, and the Issues it brings into the light….pretending that they can discern “no clear message”.

Most of the rest of Government, at least in Public, is sending mixed messages, at best…now expressing half-hearted support, now attempting to shore up the walls….

This Bill is a case in point of the latter…Levin is a Dem…and Rand Paul is Tea…yet the former has pushed through the most egregious parts of this Bill, while the latter has staunchly opposed it. The fact that it has such overwhelming Bipartisan support is shocking…they can get together on This?!

After all the BS and Rancor of the last 3 years, for the Senate to almost unanimously support such a Bill, while the “Mainstream Media” studiously ignores it, should be all the Warning We need….that 1, OWS is working…and 2, that the PTB have noticed, and are shaking in their penny loafers,

And 3, the one no one wants to see….They are getting ready for OWS to grow, and remain Un-Co-Opted, and Threaten the Power Structures that have ruled in this country for so long.

I will put on my Prophet Hat, now….and predict what We can look forward to, if OWS keeps on chugging….

(if it fizzles, it’ll be BAU)

There will be some spectacular “Terrist” event….I shudder to think how they’ll top 911….but that’s what’s in the cards…and I think “They” will have learned valuable lessons from that horrible event.

I predict that said Event will have a largeish something to do with the Web…especially “Social Media”…thus justifying, if not implementation of the “Kill Switch”, at least severe restrictions.

I reckon that it will be on many fronts, but won’t have much to do with aircraft.

It’ll be focused in the cities(too many “conservatives” in the hinterlands), but will encompass the margins, likely suburbia.

This time around, the Scapegoat will be something They can paint as “Liberal/Commie/Progressive/Left/Socialist/etc”. Muslims and Mexicans will likely have a supporting role…something to do with the “porous Border”…

I expect Violence(notice, Gooberment Watchers, I said “expect”…not “Promote”,lol)

Despite all the Conventional Wisdom of Americans as a hollow shell of a People, portrayed as weak, lethargic, and uncomprehending….I think(and Hope) that there are Lines that will not be crossed without the People fighting back.

Machine will hafta tread very carefully, here…so as to not show it’s hand too clearly, and thus lose whatever support is has among the People(Tea, likely, as crazy as that sounds)

An aside…We the People should hold onto Gandhian Nonviolence, for as long as possible….Machine is very strong, when it comes to violence…but only so long as the Fear and Respect and Faith of the Cops and Troops is maintained…this is Our Opening….to win the “hearts and minds” of those low level Enforcers…to Enlighten them…make clear to them that they should be on the side of the People, rather than the Machine.

I predict that things will get very Ugly….it will be our version of the Reign of Terror, with many unique differences(this ain’t Revolutionary France, after all….Power is largely diffuse, and there is no clear Versailles, or Bastille)

We must guard against the emergence of a Napoleon, or Robespierre, or Augustus, or Hitler. The People must remain a Headless Monster…impossible to kill, or coopt, in the usual fashion.

My Hope is that the coming paroxysm will be short-lived…and the last throes of the Machine…that remains to be seen…

It could go either way…to Panopticon Uber-Police State…..or to a complete Revolution in the Way We Do Things….it will be a Global Phenomenon, either way….but the world still looks to Us for guidance and inspiration….We have been disappointing in this regard for a long time….I Hope that We can rise to the occasion.