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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


(or, why the GOP is Toast)

Wow, Paul...I hope you didn't break anything coming up with this little “plan” of yours.

Are you frelling Blind?
This is the same, exact anti-empirical lunacy that got us to this point in the first damned place. We've been doing all that since St. Ronnie the Befuddled saddled us with “Morning in America”.
This set of “ideas” is the Reason for the Malaise.
...and nowadays, after trying for 35-40 years, you have several states to look at, as well, where all of your “Bold New Policies” have been implimented.
Look at Kansas...and at Louisiana...and Texas.
Look at Michigan, Wisconsin.
When you run an experiment, it's prudent to stick around and pay attentian to the results of that experiment.
Otherwise, why run the experiment, at all?
All of those states are perfect examples of why your continuing insistence on more of the same is a bad idea.
The GOP...with the help of the Clinton Wing of the (formerly)Democratic Party...has destroyed the Country with all the Tax Cuts and Deregulation and Privatisation and Market Worship.
Your Base has figured this out, long last.
Trickle Down is Piss on our heads.
Yet here you are … cicadas emerging from holes in predictable cycles...bringing out what amounts to a poster board with glitter and six inch bubble letters, saying the same damned thing that you all have been saying for most of my life.
It has failed, Paul!
Trickle Down, Supply Side, Corporate Fellation is a Failure!
Please, please, please, pick another career.
Take your friends with you.
We can't afford any more of your experiments.

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