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Thursday, March 17, 2016


“I must find Ecstasy in this Insanity
Freedom from their Slavery
The Truth in their Lies
Life in their Death
Beauty in their Homicidal Genocide
Peace in the War Whore's evil orgy of Death and Negation
Love amongst the Ruins
Pleasure in my own Pain.”
― Lydia Lunch

The Web is filled with the language of Marxist Analysis, this morning:
Alienation, Ressentiment,Lumpenproletariat.

Trump has managed to tear down the curtain, and burn it...revealing what even the reddest of necks has intuited: that Politics is Broken, that the Economy is a Parasitical Leviathin, and that the Framework that has been handed to us to hang our experiences on is not only purposefully flawed, but yet another instrument of Control and Obfuscation.

I lament that Bernie at least has the beginnings of a partial, if unlikely, solution to all of this...but it is so much easier to burn it all down.
Perhaps such destruction is exactly what we need...which is what I have been reluctantly seeing in Visions for many years, now.
I'll channel the ghost of Immanuel Kant, and go on and declare the Enlightenment finished.
Mentally...Psychologically...we are right back in 1095 A.D....and the New Pope Urban is a carnival, as he flies through the air, and then shits on the floor...the crowd goes wild...
We enjoy the residue of astonishing technological achievement...a perfected Alchemy and Magical the low low cost of our survival, and of civilisation,itself. And we are a broken and enraged and lunatic People, stuck somewhere between living completely in the moment in the most shallow of ways, and setting fire to our homes because the neighbor looked at us funny.
At the level of politics far below the usual L/R,D/R,Lib/Con puppetry, lay the machinations of the Elite.
Deep Politics says that the cause of our current insanity and ennui and nihilism is in those machinations...the Hidden Aristocracy and their minions have so distorted Reality, and the Language that we use to Think about it, that Maggie Thatcher's “There is no such thing as 'society'”, has become our only shared reality.
On the one hand, in order to perpetuate their money machine(that's Us, by the way), the Dark Magicians have locked us into a dead end of ludicrous denials of what we see right before us...patently implausible explanations and justifications of unmitigated Greed and an upside down morality that excoriates the poor and trod upon...indeed, the Human...while allowing, without discussion, the free reign of the worst specimens of humankind to ever exist.
All of this in a fog of disinformation, misinformation and anti-information that has left us a few hundred million atoms of dark matter, repelling even our families, unable to get along with ourselves, and lashing out in world ending rage at the all of it...since we are so entrained to avoid looking at the man behind the curtain.
We unconsciously take upon us the guilt of ecocide, and genocide, often in the name of one who was said to have sacrificed himself to remove this very guilt....
(remember, Christianity was originally a religion against Empire, and For its many Victims)

We have been injected with drain cleaner, beaten and terrorised, and then herded through the funhouse, disgusted and mortally afraid of the reflections in there...and now a wall has collapsed(due to lazy and incompetent maintenance), and many of us have tumbled through the breach, and found ourselves gazing at close range into a mud puddle...and there...there is our true reflection...the clear model of the distorted avatars in the funhouse...
If there really are men in Mt Weather, directing all of this, this past half-century of engineered confusion and psychosis, then they are reptiles and fools...overcome by Hubris, and cowering at the steady approach of Nemesis.

...and the more thoughtful among us weep into our beverages over what might have been:

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