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Friday, September 11, 2015


It's “Patriot Day”, and the firetrucks are lined up around the square, and the networks are eschewing whatever is actually happening in the world in order to replay several hours of (then) live footage from the morning of September 11th, 2001.
My kids, neither of whom were yet born at the time, will be herded into the auditorium for patriotic songs and a recital of the anodyne pablum that passes for Civic Religion, these days. This will be accepted without question—it is quite normal, now.
The Mundanes will all have a tear in their eye, and a wistful version of the thousand yard stare, as flags are raised and lowered to half-staff and aging Veterans will stand there solemnly, in full regalia.
We will all be reminded who the Enemy is...and why we should hate them... and at no time will brains be engaged, aside from the Lizard-ish portions.
Those of us with perfectly legitimate questions about that day and all that led up to it and all that has come after will be relegated to the Rubber Room, if not shouted down in hyperpatriotic spittle and froth.

Are Mexicans still mistaken for Osama?
Are Hindus still beaten in alleyways in retribution?
Will Ed Snowden finally be welcomed home, his public service acknowledged at long last?
The only parade I want to see today is the one where Lil George and Darth Cheney and the rest of the warmongering gang of liars and Empire Builders are frog marched into a Federal Courtroom.
But that, in yet another surreal display of irony, is known as “living in the past”...and anyway, it was all Obama's fault.(a common belief in Lumpenbilly circles, it turns out)
Charley Wilson and St Ron the Befuddled will get nary a mention...nor will the NSA,CIA,FBI , save as heroes—not as unindicted, and probably unintentional, (being charitable) co-conspirators and incompetents.
The Ignored Memo(“terrorists to use planes in attack on East Coast”) will not be remembered, either...and Rumsfeld's 9-10 admission that the Pentagon had “misplaced” Two Trillion Dollars will remain apocryphal and un-noticed.

Instead of Discourse and Discussion, today will be an exercise in Operant Conditioning, reinforcing the necessary Fear and Confusion and Xenophobia.
It will be an almost perfect expression of everything that Orwell and many others warned us about--but that, too, will be overlooked by the Official Mouthpieces.
“Never Forget”, they will all say...and I add, “except for all the questions and suspicions and even the actual proven crimes and skullduggery...”
Those things can safely be fact, it is our Patriotic Duty to forget them.
R.I.P, Mike Ruppert.
You were right, all along.

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