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Friday, September 18, 2015

Jumping the Shark as Political Philosophy


Fake Videos are Real.
Obama is a Kenyan Socialist/Commie/Muslim/Fascist.
Vaccines Cause Disease.
Supply Side Economics was a Resounding Success.
So was the Drug War...which needs to be immediately reinstated.
99.8% of Climate Scientists are not only Wrong...they are also part of a Vast Liberal Conspiracy to eat up all the apple pie and suck out our Precious Bodily Fluids.
Marihuana(sic) is Just Like Heroin.
Black People are Lazy.
Latinos are Disease Ridden Interlopers.
Women belong in the Kitchen.
Your Sex Life is inherently the Business of the GOP.
Gays have a nefarious Agenda to subvert America and turn us all Gay and Hitlery.
Poor People are merely getting their Just Desserts.
Jesus never said anything about helping the Fuck Them.
That same Jesus was a Corporatist War Mongering Hate Machine who loved the Rich and Powerful, and always...always...sided with the Status Quo.
Corporations are People...the are People in their own right...and also consist of People; while Unions are not People....nor do they consist of People.
Health and Safety(and Roads) are a Privilege, not a Right.
Cops are Moral Arbiters and can do no wrong...if they shoot someone, the Shoot-ee must have deserved it.
Protest and Free Speech are Rights that belong only to Corporations and White, Right Wing Christians are the only ones who rightly possess Freedom of Religion..
When in Doubt, Brandish Your Gun.

Did I miss anything?

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