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Friday, September 11, 2015

Debbie Wasserman Schultz


I was under the impression that we were the “Democratic” Party.
As such, I had assumed that we would at least try to embody,somewhat, the whole universe of Ideals that that word--”Democracy”-- entails and implies.
This would mean having more order to flesh out the complex and so far murky issues that confront us.
It would also mean having a wider conversation on these issues...out here in the world.
Finally, it would entail allowing the Voters to decide who will be the a Democratic Fashion.

We should not be anointing anyone.

That's what the other side does.
We were supposed to be different.
But we're not nearly different enough...I am continually frustrated and angry that “my” Party still has no Stones.
I am ashamed that the Leaders are as terrified little children before the ongoing attacks and eliminationism of the Others.
I am livid that the Movers and Shakers of “my” Party continue to attempt to Out Republican the Republicans on things like Surveillance and Economics and the Drug War and a million other things...seemingly too afraid to challenge the Right Wing Counter-Revolution.
After all, the Thugs might call you “soft”...or even “Liberal”(shudder)...
Now Mellon-Scaif has been dug up and reanimated, set to staggering around, mouthing insults...and no one is allowed to mention that the last Clinton Administration virtually Enabled the mess that followed.
We can't even speak intelligently about the Bush Darkness...especially on this day...lest we be labeled “crazy” by the most demonstrably Crazy sociopolitical movement in Modern Times.
I want a Party that is courageous in it's diagnosis of the dysfunction—one that will tell it like we all know that it is—that is unafraid of Giant Immortal Fictions, long escaped the New Deal Fence and become Supranational... and of loudmouthed ignoramuses , parroting the Corps(e)world Mythology.
In other words, I want a Bernie Sanders Version of the Democratic Party...and look!
There he is...ignored by “my” Party and the Corporate Media Conglomerates that “My” Party helped to install.
“Democratic” means “of,characterized by,or advocating democracy”.
You, and the rest of the Big Wigs, should put that on a poster and hang it on your wall, or tattoo it on your foreheads.
Sanders is what we've been waiting for for most of my life.
Y'all should get with it, and remember who you work for.
(and no...I don't have any money to send...not even $5... so save what money you have, and stop wasting it on appeals for blood from a turnip)

Usque ad Finem,
Amfortas the Hippie,


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