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Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Definition of Insanity

Oh, look:


Bill Fucking Bennett, Mr Virtue, wants to bring back the War on Drugs.
...because “it worked”.
He and John Walters, both water-carriers for the Bush Crimen Familia, were apparently released from the pods they've been kept in, reanimated, and set to walking around, parroting the same tired old nonsense.
“Just say No”, and “Fill up the Prisons”...which themselves are open Bazaars of Dope Pushing...were failures then—and they would be failures, now.
Those policies played a large role in destabilising South and Central America, leading directly to last year's refugee crisis, and the ongoing flight from the war zones that were created there, as well as the “Low Intensity Conflict” in Mexico, which looks a lot like a weird sort of Revolution(by the Cartels), from where I sit.
Here at home, these policies have torn apart families, ruined far more lives than drugs ever did, gutted the First, Fourth,Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution, and led inexorably to the distrust, if not hatred, between cops and poor folks and people of color that has been on such display of late.
Yeah...lets double down.
Where are the men in white coats when we need them.

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