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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texgop and other silliness

(from April...)
Here we are...
The world didn't end...I stick my head out the window, and for the life of me, I can hear no hoof-beats of the Four Horsemen, I can smell no sulfur, there are no otherworldly Trumpets blaring...but it's all over the news that there are upwards of 7 Million Folks who have gained access to Affordable Healthcare, due to “Obamacare”. That number is just from the Federal doesn't count the millions who have done so on State Exchanges, or through Expanded more Civilised Places.
But not in Texas.
Here, only those who make enough to qualify for the Federal Exchange are now eligible.
Families of four, making between $231, and around $2400...per month...are completely left out of access to healthcare....not due to the President...or Democrats...or the Federal Government.
They are left out, because of Rick Perry and the Republicans who have so dominated Texas' Government for all these years.
According to the US Census, that's 39.1% of households on Mason, Texas.
(Less those who are Officially Disabled, or Pregnant)
This is the Republican Medicaid Gap....and it's Shameful.
I have read that a Majority of Texans believe that Texas is Exempt from Obamacare...that the new Federal Healthcare Law is “Banned” in Texas.
Even Harvey Hilderbran's person who answers the phone (Pat) believes this nonsense.
The Truth, on the other hand, is that it is the Republican Medicaid Gap that is hurting the people of Texas....and the Fault for that lies squarely at the feet of Texas GopTea.
The pernicious and hateful Mythology that has been so shamelessly spewed regarding this Law, and everything else about this President, has so befuddled the minds of my fellow Texans, that a majority actually believe that there are “Death Panels”....
The reality is that this President, like St. George and the Dragon, destroyed the real Death Panels...that used to be located in the cubicle farms of the Giant Insurance Corporations.
Those Death Panels have been undone.
No longer can one be dismissed from the “Best Healthcare in the World”, due to “Pre-Existing Conditions” being Female.
No longer can Gigantic Insurance Corporations suddenly drop you when you get sick.
No longer can those behemoths charge whatever they want to...and no longer can they spend such large mounts on CEO compensation, and Advertising(propaganda).
These parts of the Affordable Care Act , forbidding such dishonest and heartless Corporate Behavior,are in play, even in Texas.
But the part of the Law that would help almost 40% of the folks in Mason, Texas...your Friends and not.
Thanks, Rick.
Thanks, Texas Gop.
And Thank You, Fox News.
Thanks for Saving us from Affordable Health Care.
Way to go.

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