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Thursday, July 3, 2014

An open letter

to Representative Mike Conaway,11th District of Texas.

I received your glossy mailer, regarding the need to “Defend the Constitution”...from Abuse of Power by the Executive Branch.
I couldn't agree more with this sentiment, but I wonder about the timing of this heartfelt concern.
Where were you, Mike, when your former employer was in the White House, engaged in the most egregious abuse of Executive Power in our history? The ongoing effects of the War Crimes committed by the Bush2 “Administration” are all over the news, this morning...a war of choice, sold to us with blatant lies...destabilizing a backwards country, and leading directly to the horrible morass evident there today.
Where were you, when your former boss arrogated to himself the power to spy on, literally, Everyone on the planet, without warrant, and without oversight?
Or when that bunch advocated Torture, Secret Courts and an end to Habeus Corpus?
Remember “Free Speech Zones”, and “Watch what you say.”?
Remember “Rendition”, “Black Sites” and “Indefinite Detention without Charge”?
I have engaged in a somewhat cursory review of your voting history, since 2004, and could find no opposition from you to the “Unitary Executive” Theory of Presidential Power pushed so forcefully by Bush and especially Cheney.
Indeed, when you voted at all on such important matters, it was FOR Military Commissions and Expanded FISA secrecy and the Patriot Act...and AGAINST any attempts to undo such egregious abuses of power.
Now, all these years later, I am graced with your mailing....”Prepared, Published and Mailed at Taxpayer Expense”...a mailing which aims to stoke fear and anger from the lowest common denominator of your constituency....pandering shamelessly to the a-historicity and amnesia of those who continue to support you.
Facile, petty and vile.
The non-issues of Benghazi and the so-called IRS “Scandal”? These have been settled to everyone's satisfaction, save those still lost in the Fox surreality tunnel.
“Obamacare Exaggerations” are a tired horse, nearly dead...but you all just can't help yourself, I guess.(“Obamacare” is the Heritage Foundation answer to “Hillerycare”, circa;1991.)
And as for “a Blind Eye to Illegal Immigration”, this President has deported more folks from Our country than anyone else, ever.
You spend a lot of time whipping the Base into a frenzy over things that aren't there...while totally ignoring the predations of Wall Street, the continuing Crime Spree of the NSA, the Corporate takeover of Education, the continuing travesty of the failed War on Drugs, and seem to support the ongoing assault on Voting Rights for anyone who is likely to vote against your party.
It appears that an Imperial Presidency is just fine when it's your guy...but when it ain't, any ginned up non-scandal will do.
To be clear, I stand firmly against those actions by the current Administration that are clearly unConstitutional...Drone Strikes, and the continuation of so many of Bush2's Illegalities...the wanton spying, the war on Whistleblowers, and on and on.
But those things were initiated by Lil George...with your support.
And those things are not mentioned in your fearmongering Mailer.
Indeed, you appear to still support those abuses of power, as indicated by your Voting Record, as well as your utterances at various Congressional Hearings.
If those ongoing....and Provable!...abuses were the subject of this mailer, I would be writing a much different letter.
Instead, you have chosen myth and falsity, and have merely confirmed my opinion of Goptea, in general.
I just wish that there was someone running against you, this coming November.
As it stands, you can expect to continue to hear from me...for whatever it's worth.

Ab Irato,
Mason, Texas.

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