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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Aliyah and Intifada

“it's a carousel...”.

One Sunday morning in July, the residents of the little towns and cities scattered throughout the Texas Hill Country awoke to the sound of tanks, and machine gun fire.
They were marched out of their homes, and then marched South...for miles and miles...until they crossed the Llano River. There, they were told, was the new border....and to not attempt to return.
The Indians were back, after near extermination and relocation to camps in Oklahoma, and elsewhere, a Century and more before.
The Comanches, the Lipan Apache, the Kiowa, Kikapoo, and the remnants of fifty other by now almost unknown and forgotten Tribes.
They had been armed, and supplied and funded and given the go-ahead, by the International Community...including the Governments of the USA and Mexico, (and Israel, of course). Such high minded documents and treaties as the “Balfive Declaration” and the “Psychs-Peecow Accord” were waved around in the kangaroo meetings that the Indians set up with their opponents.
Finally, these People...the Indians...would be allowed to take back their Homeland...which, incidentally, they maintained had been given them by the Great recorded on cliff walls and cave ceilings , throughout the region.
The Former Residents, all of them descendents of Anglo-American and German and Mexican Immigrants, protested this the US, Texan and Mexican Governments. When they found nothing but deaf ears, they took their grievances to the International Community.
More Deaf Ears.
Didn't they know, they were told, that the Indians had every Right to their Historical Homeland, given to them by the Great Spirit?
That the now Former Residents were the descendents of Usurpers, Mass Murderers, and Did Not Belong in the land that they had been living in for better than a hundred years?
They were told to make the best of it. The areas immediately South of the Llano River reluctantly allowed the new refugees to set up camps for themselves...squalid and unsanitary, due to the meager resourcesthey had managed to bring with them in wheelbarrows and those sent in by the UN and the ad hoc groups that formed for the provision of such aid: mostly Church Groups and a few Ethnic Nationalist Groups, who shared the same heritage with the Refugees.
A few years later, some of these Groups managed to re-invade the Southern part of their former territory...and retook a few hundred acres of land, just North of the Llano.
They were almost universally condemned for this re-invasion....but as time wore on, the International Community convinced the Indians that these Refugees should be allowed their few hundred acres of scrubland.
The Indians built a wall around them...and routinely blockaded them...stopping the flow of food and medicine and toilet paper.
The North Bank, of the the place came to be called...was a nightmare of poverty and disease. It became one of the most densely populated places on Earth.
But the International Community didn't seem to care.
The North Bankers, in their frustration, haphazardly lobbed mortar rounds into Indian Towns...killing many.
As many of the North Bankers had been seen as a source of cheap labor, a few of them had been allowed back in, to do construction, mow yards, and the like.
Of few of these, at times, would strap bombs to their chests, and blow up people and places in their former homes...and the International Community condemned them for their Barbarity. And the Indians sent in bombers and artillery rounds and bulldozers and cut off the flow of food and water, as punishment for the North Bankers' transgressions...for their hard-headed barbarism.
After long years of this, some in the US lobbied the various governments for a Peace Process...including a Cease Fire between the Indians and the North Bankers.
Surely some peaceful solution could be arrived at, if only the two sides would sit down and talk.
But the Indians were intransigent...a so called “Two State Solution” would undermine their security, and territorial integrity.
The North Bankers were not to be trusted...they had proven themselves to be not have any regard for Human Life.
At the same time, the Indians sent many of their youth into the territory of the North Bank, in order to re-settle it. They were backed up by the Tribal Army, and bulldozers...the latter mowed down the tar-paper shacks of the North Bankers, and herded them back South of the River.
These actions were seen as acts of war by the North Bankers, and many of their fellow Refugees, South of the the Camps.
These same Resettlement activities were regarded as perfectly Justified...both by the Indians, themselves, and the great majority of people and governments on the outside.
So, it was to be All Out War. A Fight to the Death for this dry and dusty land that both groups, the Indians and the Refugees, claimed as their own.

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