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Saturday, July 19, 2014

God Said

So, the hyperfundies who own Hobby Lobby assert that their imaginary friend told them to fight against the provision of contraception in their employee health plans.
And the Solemn Radicals and Activists sitting on the Scotus, swallowed it whole.
Nullification by way of Hearing Voices.


The Goddess Kore came to me in a Vision...just the other day...and She told me that Smoking Marijuana was a Sacrament....and that it is Necessary in order to Know Her.
Go on....prove this assertion wrong.
...oh, and by the way...She also mentioned that when someone(a Heretic?) attempts to place a stone Decalogue on the Courthouse Lawn in Mason...that She would require me to build and place a Stone Copy of the Wiccan Rede...right next to it.
Again...prove it wrong.
Prove that this not a "sincerely held belief".
In an earlier conversation with this particular Goddess, She informed me that any laws, made by men, against going about Buck Nekkid...should be Flaunted and Ignored.
Just sayin'...

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