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Monday, July 28, 2014

Citizen Joe

It jess never ends...

From Citizen Joe

to whomever,
the current project you have ongoing on the north side of Mason, Texas, is...charitably...a clusterfuck.
The crew is, apparently, attempting to pave the entire stretch at once, both sides, and have effectively bisected our neighborhood. there's nowhere to go to avoid them.
A detour would have been nice. There's equipment scattered everywhere, blocking egress, and it just could have been done in a more professional and conscientious manner.
The paving, itself, looks nice enough...but I would rather have kept the old road, and been able to get to and from town on it, than to run the gauntlet, like this.
It's spelled,"D.E.T.O.U.R.".
Ramming Paving Headquarters
9020 N. Capital of TX HWY, Bldg II, Ste. 250
Austin, TX 78759

The bossman...who couldn't have been more than 25...told me that he had,"Flaggers at the appropriate points"
I said I beg to differ.
"How about a we know how to stay out of your way?"
Him:"'s a moving operation..."
me:" on this road..."
"But that street over there, not so much?"
Me:" Why not get some spraypaint and some cardboard, and make a sign or 3, and direct all of us'ns over there, and around you?....and maybe don't try and pave the whole damned highway in one day, all at once?"
Him:"We placed Flaggers at the appropriate points..."


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