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Saturday, November 17, 2012

two things

what assholery!
Texas is already at, or near, the Bottom in all things "Social".
Who votes for this pompous ass/??!!!>?

Perhaps some much needed Federal Relief?
It is still unknown if this will , in any way, benefit Me...hasn't, yet...mostly due to Good Hair's Cruelty and Intransigence...but also due to the results of Obama feeling the need to play footsie with the "Industry" in the requirement, for one of the portions of Obamacare, where one must be recently denied normal Insurance...which, as near as i could tell, at the time, required $200-600, upfront(refundable? no one knew!), in order for Blue Cross, or whomever, to deny ya....they hafta accept yo, before they can deny you...or some such convoluted tripe.

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