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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurry up, and Wait

It’s been almost four Months, since I was “Approved” for SSI/Medicaid.
Turns out “Approved” was not exactly accurate….
They still needed Paper….and the Platinum Trailer Issue had to be resolved.
A Month after the initial phone call that said I was “Approved”…I had hired a realtor, and sent in the relevant Paper….then, Nothing.
I called my guy…left messages…still nothing.
So, after3.5 Months, I called the Main Number….and after navigating the Cylon Woman/Gatekeeper, got a Real Person…who had the situation all wrong!
After 30+ minutes on hold, she finally found the real situation…not Wife’s Income, but “Assets” were at issue….
Then, she said to call “my Guy”…
So, I did…and….actually got him on the phone, first try!
First woman had said that Nothing had been done in over two months…”my Guy” confirmed this, with no explanation….waiting for me to call. I guess…
So, he says that he needs More Paper!
A copy of the actual Newspaper with the Realtor’s Ad, as well as further Proof of Wife’s Income…from the almost Four Months of Inaction.
He said I “should be getting mail, next week”…like a Medicaid Card, or at least a “Handbook”.
Week came and went….Nothing.
Too, “my Guy” said something about “transferring my case” to someone “in SSI’….which confuses me, since I had thought that he was SSI…
I have no idea.
Stuck in amber, waiting for Machine to Roll Over Me.
Meanwhile, no substantial Work has been done around here, since March…I never recovered from last Winter.
The Simplest Thing …(Laundry)…Does Me In.
I don’t sleep.(2:30 AM, today).
On the rare “Good Day”, I manage an hour, or two of “Work”…
Then I lay around, Painfully, watching Netflix.
Never thought I’d run out of good shows,lol.
Almost Four Months….of Hope.
Nothing to do, but Think.
Ruminate on Surgery, and Anesthesia, and the Fear engendered by these.
If it’s Medicaid, can I expect a Rookie Surgeon…Inferior Replacement Parts?
Do I dare hope for a full Body Scan?
A Comprehensive Survey of all of the Damage?
Skeletal Barometer is increasingly unreliable…and I can no longer play guitar, sans Beer.
Is this what “Approved” means?
To be in Limbo, my own Purgatory of Uncertainty, for Months on end?
This, so-called, “Safety Net” is Cruel…in so many ways…
and that Cruelty is made worse , every time I venture forth, by the Applied Mythology…
“Welfare Queen”. “Foodstamp Army”.
Six and a Half Years!
Almost a quarter of my Life!
A Victim of Heartless “Conservatism”…it would have been more Compassionate to just shoot me.

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