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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Mr Jones violates the 11th Commandment("thou shalt not criticize Israel")...other than that, I can find nothing, whatever, to refute:The American Trajectory.

I wish I could figger out how to access JSTOR, etc...seems one needs a bit of cash-flow, or some Institutional Membership. I abhor Paywalls for Academic Anti-Enlightenment.
Here's a list of free ones,lol:

Seems that a lot of the Free Ones are kinda dated...nevertheless, interesting.

Also, in this context, think about the idea of "Multinational Corporations"...Exxon is no longer an "American" Company, rather, it is matter that it's "Headquarters" are in Houston. I consider this the Vanguard of Post Westphalianism...Nation States, as we know them, are like a favorite shirt, tattered and torn, that we continue to wear...despite the admonitions of our spouse.
I , for one, haven't felt like a "Texan" for some time...and , since the post 911 Freakout, I haven't felt all that "American", either.
The Demographic Changes, in re Electoral Politics, I've been on about, contain these the case of Mason(as Microcosm), there are at least 4 Communities, existing side by side, White Evangelical, Hispanic, Ranch, and "New Comers"(Immigrants from the Cities, in Texas, and elsewhere). I "belong" to the latter...and there is considerable overlap.
I can posit a fifth, although I don't have a good name for includes members of all 4, and could be considered "Official Mason", or the Face that the Newspaper attempts to present to the world...somewhat ecumenical(in a non-religious sense)...It contains not only City Governance and the Chamber, but the various Book Clubs, Garden Clubs and the Lions...
While this Fifth "Community" is ad hoc, sort of, and disparate, sort presents a kind of accidental Unity...
As usual, I'm in a category of One,lol...
More:World into Globe

Flowing from all of that:The Lost Libertarian Moment

I have always had a soft spot for Ron Paul.
And I've always "Leaned Libertarian"...I can honestly characterise myself as a "Left Libertarian"(rara avis)/
But the Libertarian Party lost me, during the Bush Darkness...perhaps a little before...with their Utopian Bent, and the habitual inclusion of the Corporate Model as the pinnacle of Freedom.(go on, challenge this assertion).
I am in no way, a "Big Government Liberal"...I abhor what the Fedgov(and the State of Texas, for that matter) has become...a meddling Leviathan...up in everyone's business, yet leaning towards the Rich and their Corps(e).
However, I understand the Reasons for such Big Government Interventions, as Foodstamps, Medicaid, etc. Even OSHA.
We have never honestly addressed the Rise of Corporate Power, from the late 1800's till now...and, to counter the sundry Usurpations and Bad Actions by these Monsters, Big Government has been the Default Answer, since at least FDR.
It's not the ONLY Answer, of course...just the one we tried. We got into the Rut, by a lack of Honesty....and a concurrent lack of Imagination...and, since then, as I continue to assert, we've allowed the Marriage of Government/Military/"Intelligence/ and Corporatism to become the Machine...clouding Reality with Mythos and Crazy.
Mr Cincotta continues this Habit of Neglect...
The "determinate x" is a creation of the pragmatically required mutual hypothesizing of singularity.
So, to spell out the Schutzian insight, for two partners in dialogue to obtain a rough-and-ready mutual fix on a portion of the real, a partial overlapping of their differing selections, they have to behave as if they have a perfect one. The psycholinguist Ragnar Rommetveit puts it thus: we "take a perfect intersubjectivity for granted in order to achieve a partial one" (Rommetveit 1978: 31). In Schutz’s own words it constitutes a "reciprocity of perspectives," or "the idealization of the interchangeability of the standpoints," the taking for granted that, if I were in your shoes, your standpoint would seem to be the same as mine, and you and I see "things" with the same typicality."
(Myth of the Summum Bonum )
"To delve deeper here we must ask what "reciprocity of perspectives" and "idealization of the interchangeability of standpoints" mean in this context. We might start with the word "standpoint." What is a standpoint?—one’s inclination, bent, or bias, in other words, one’s current habit of intention, one’s desire, one’s motivation, one’s attitude with regard to forthcoming action. And what is Schutz therefore detecting in the situation of human communication? That the two participants mutually assume, that is, hypothesize together that their inclinations, intentions, attitudes as regards the portion of their sense-fields that they also take to be similarly attended to are, as regards this portion of the real, relevantly the same. The convergence of what each is attending to is presumed to be ideal—did not Schutz use the word "idealization" of the match of the two standpoints?"(Ibid)

(see "Cognitive Bias,list of"...on Wiki)

This is the way I like to spend such cold mornings(I arose, reluctantly, at 3am, and stoked the front fire, kindled the back 2).
I'm glad that there's such a variety of Academia available, for free...but, still, I wish that JSTOR, and others, would get on board...they're the ones Wiki, etc links to in "Sources"...
"Oh give me land, lotsa land, where I can roam around Freely...
Don't fence me in....."

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