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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I started writing about Sustainability,….for Mason….and how we might get past the Crazy(80%) that surrounds us, and move forward…do what we must, given Peak Everything, and a rational Malthusianism.
This sent me to the large trunks, stacked in a corner of the Pantry, containing, in addition to 100#’s +, Sciam, Discover, Astronomy, Archaeology Today, etc…several hundred pounds of Periodicals and other, Miscellaneous Info, on Organic Gardening, Blacksmithing, Solar Power, and all manner of pre-1930’s Technology, Techniques and sundry Collected Wisdom.
This meant that I must reorganize the Library…when I built it, all the books went somewhat haphazardly onto the shelves…
To do that, I must separate out Wife’s College and Career Stuff….
To do that, I had to clean out the “Cubby Hole”…which has served as Attic and storage for various electronic components…all of which Migrated, Painfully, to the , now, disused, Technicolor RV (circa 1975).
IE: Massive Fruitbasket Turnover.
Cubbyhole will be Wife’s Cave…still needs a Computer, and more Removal of the accumulated “Attic”, and much more shelf space.
Library, “My Cave”, is slowly becoming organized…large section of How To,DIY, etc…including Textbooks on lots of Useful Subjects.
Another large section, filled with Great Literature…another on Mythology, including Xianity, and Philosophy…Economics, and American History…subdivided into ; 1, Conventional, pre 1999 version, and 2. Other History, like C Wright Mills, and the CIA.
Another rather large section on the Right Wing(my Taxonomy), from Fascism, to the Machine…close by to Ancient History, then Medieval, then The Renaissance, and Enlightenment.
Science Fiction still doesn’t have a home…this is a long term endeavor, after all…and my Body Rebels!
During the necessary Breaks in the Action…..

A few things:

Damn! Now this is an Indictment!
Further evidence of bankruptcy, from our man on the ground:

Nekked-ness is still a thing close to my heart…now that I can no longer frequent the more lonely stretches of the Llano River, nor do I live near the end of a dirt road…there’s little opportunity for being Skyclad out-of-doors….at least until sufficient Fences Materialise, or strategic plantings mature.
Too, this is still Texas, Deep red(lol, especially when it comes to Nekkid Folks,lol)…and Wearing the River, while Fly Fishing can easily be seen as a Provocative, if not Political Act.
Here, as in a lot of places, Nudity is regarded as always Sexual, and, thus, always “of the Devil”.
Meanwhile, from the Faction that imposes this dangerous world-view:

I have Finally, and at long last, begun receiving SSI/Medicaid!!!!
 After 6 ½ Years of Imperial Entanglements and Kafka-esque Wrangling with Bureaucracy, I’m In!
Now, I must begin the Consultation, starting with our Regular Doctor…determining just how to go about Repairing my Cripplehood…at least, it is hoped, making my life a little less Painful, and…dare I to Hope?...allowing me a little more Freedom of Movement!

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