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Sunday, April 1, 2012

On the NDAA Suit, by Hedges, Wolff, etc

If they want me, I’d be happy to be a Plaintiff, in Spirit.

Friends have warned me…saying that they “worry about” me…as I am an Outspoken Curmudgeonly Liberal Hippie person.
I’m also a serial Letter Writer….to the White house, to various and sundry Congresscritters, and to whomever else gets my back up.

Being a student of History, it is not all that hard to see similarities between this Legislation, and Hitler’s Enabling Acts…and even the Inquisition.
This is what Power and Privilege resort to, when their tired old arguments no longer have effect….when they can no longer fool everybody, they first belittle and smear those opposed to them(“Well he’s a Commie…or, he hates America”, or whatever.
If that doesn’t work any longer, they send in the Law to harass and bother…from being scrutinized at airports, being pulled over, for no good reason.(like this never happens….it happens enough that it is a staple in TV Land.)
If all that fails, there is the example of Gandhi, MLK, RFK, JFK, Lennon….and on and on…
Yes, there “is no Proof”.
There wouldn’t be.
Or all the folks that fell out of airplanes, or were eaten by sharks, had “mechanical problems”…there was the guy (I’d hafta go and look it up, again…but it had to do with 9-11 and Iraq) who shot himself in the back of the head, in a boat in the Atlantic, while simultaneously tying his hands and feet and drowning.

No small feat!

Or the Flir Expert who was to testify at a hearing regarding Waco..who was found rotting weeks later in his apartment.
Nothing to see here….
Church Committee?
Ancient History…we’re America.
This NDAA Provision is just one more nail in the coffin of Liberty…and by treating the above enumerated examples as “loony”, or “Conspiracy Theory”, OUR Employees do a great Evil.

This hearing is about whether these Brave Folks have “Standing” to sue the Fedgov…if there’s any validity to their Fears of being Targeted, and whisked away to some “Black Site”.

After 40 years of “Drug War”, 70 or so years of Cold War Hysteria,and now 10 years of a “War on Terror”….along with the Quakers being watched as “Terrorist sympathizers” by the FBI!!!~

Of Course They are Right to Worry!

Every Thinking American(I know yer there…) should be clogging the Congressional Switchboard, and the White House’s Phone lines…Demanding an End to all of this.
”National Security” be Damned!
That is just a convenient excuse for Operating in Darkness…which should have no place at all, in a Free Country.

No More Secrets…no more “Classified”…or “Top Secret”.
Under the aegis of these, and the FEAR that encourages, and excuses them…OUR Country has been taken from US.
If Our Employees cannot operate in Sunlight, then whatever they’re doing…should not be done.

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