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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Congenital Defiance(or, Kiss My Political Will)

  • Actively refuses to comply with majority's requests or consensus supported rules[8]
  • Performs deliberate actions to annoy others[8]



I consider the existence of such a “diagnosis” to be a major slice of supporting evidence for a large portion of what I think is wrong with the world I landed in.

Rather than a “Disorder”, Defiance…Opposition…is something We would be better off encouraging.
That lingering Habit of doing as we’re told does Violence to the world.
I am Stubborn.
Hard Headed. (the better to beat against the various and sundry Walls)

My Life would likely have been much easier if I had been a bit more malleable…but I would have had to surrender my Integrity.
My Rebellion was never for Rebellion’s Sake…it was always well considered.
Somehow, I kept finding myself confronted by Beaurocratic Mollusci….attached to my ass….preventing my slide into my own Square Hole,where the fit was much better.
I awoke, this morning, thinking about that Dean…a fat man, in an office…scrubbed pink, smelling artificially clean, like every politician and CEO I’ve ever met…..with the faint, underlying taint of not being able to reach the dirty places…Who was this Toad, to stand in my way with such inanities?To what purpose did his office search for such esoteric rules with which to set me back? There should not be such artificial barriers to Education.
The Fine Print belies the true purpose of Higher Ed….as well as almost every other endeavor in the late 20th, early 21st Centuries….Conform. We don’t want any Thinkers…anyone who would rock the boat, and unseat us from our Privilege.
College Credit should be easily and Universally Transferable.

Since I saw, quite clearly, that this administrative morass would kill my Funding….the paths ahead opening in my mind, right there, in his bland office…I gave him the Finger…said, ‘Find another chump’….and left…to consider my Escape.
I do not regret this….what I regret is the choice of that school..and my caving in, in switching my Major to RTF(Jobs), from Philosophy.
Can’t unring that bell.
The phrase,”lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way” made perfect sense, to me.
Everywhere confronted with Ignorance, and the Peter Principal…and other artificial ensconcements of the Stupid in positions of Power.
How does this happen?
It has bewildered me, amazed me, for most of my life.
And just look at where this triumph of Mediocrity has brought us…..

Middling Functionaries Rule, like so many Polyps in the intestinal walls of Humanity….blocking Innovation…Alternatives.
All but forbidding Vision…when Visionaries are what is needed most.
I detest Rand, but she did have a valid point.(and as usual, the Right has totally missed that point…cherry picking, as is their wont, the narrow, self-serving parts….to shore up, and give ethical cover to avarice)

Cogs in the Machine did not give us the Enlightenment, the Renaissance…
Beaurocrats didn’t invent the wheel, or even the Agriculture Revolution.
It was not Cubicle Dwellers who spurred us out of the trees, into the savannah.
It was the Freaks!
Defiant Individuals who had the courage to chuck wrote conformism and blaze a new trail.

Now witness the Functionaries’ Revenge….
The Collective Mind of Cotton, where Thoughts go to Die….

The Box is the whole frigging world.

Despite my Poverty, and the proverbial Troubles of Job, I do not regret being Defiant.

Middle Finger points the way.

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