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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coming Down the Mountain

‘Behold! This cup wants to be empty again, and Zarathustra wants to be a man again.

Thus began Zarathustra’s down-going.’

A woman stopped me in the sad excuse for a grocery store, and thanked me for Defending her Rights.(re; a letter to the editor)

I was humbled, and somewhat Mystified, by this….

She is, after all, a Bush2 Republican(bumperstickers).

Folks, I am finding, are very inconsistent in their Political Beliefs and adherences. This is not the first time I have encountered this…first and second hand.They are “Pro-Life”, until it reaches it’s logical conclusion, and threatens to affect them….or “Free Market”, until they are under the heel of Corp(se) Feudalism….
I am humbled and overwhelmed that my lte’s are so well received.

Over the last few years, when I have been forced into the World for whatever reason, folks ask “where have you been?”….my stock answer has been,”I am a Hermit”….and I have been met with tacit Understanding. This has surprised me, as well.

The Tide appears to be turning….the Bush Darkness seems to be abating….and the Collective Insanity and Polemicism would seem to be lifting, at least with some folks.(the (IMO) overly Religious, Right Leaning “Evangelicals”, aside…they have proliferated, but seem to spend most of their time on platitudes(“lifting up”(?)) and segregating themselves)

I am Agoraphobic.

When I must go forth, and be among the People…for a baseball game, or whatever….I find it exhausting, mentally and emotionally.

My teeth hurt, from gritting…and I habitually limit my utterances to a handful of stock phrases and niceties…unless prompted by direct questions regarding energy or Politics or Gardening….

Perhaps my little corner of the World is ready for me.

I have considered attending city council meetings…perhaps school board meetings…to get a feel for such things.

Try and determine if it’s worth the effort to run….

The current lot appears to be quite ineffectual and disconnected.(and at least “my” representatives harbour a certain, unwarranted elitism)

There are many things, locally, that must be Changed, in my estimation, if we are to meet the coming challenges.

The City Ordinances, for instance, are better suited to larger cities, than to this Far Place.Us little people are over regulated…why does Mason need a draconian Sign Ordinance? Or Zoning that forbids Cottage Industry? Do they really need their Pound of Flesh from Garage Sales? Have they not noticed the current Economic Malaise?

I am leery of advocating a Farmer’s Market, for fear that the City will fuck it up with unnecessary rules and fees…thus undoing whatever benefit could otherwise be derived.

Rules regarding Electricity ensure an over-reliance on extension cords and ‘power strips’….which, I venture, was not what was intended.

The City is like an ant bed….one tries not to disturb it.

Unresponsive….unless one pokes it with a stick, thus inviting scrutiny….and, given that there are so many rules and ordinances(largely secret), one is always likely to be in “Violation” of something…

Much of this seems to be due to laziness….and a penchant for meddling. The Sign Ordinances, for example, were lifted from those of Austin…and have no business here.

When I moved to town, I went to the City Office and asked for the Code Book….I wanted to know what all was in it….what they figured was their purview.
I was told,” tell me what ordinance you want, and I’ll make a copy of it….for a fee”

I said that I wanted to whole thing….isn’t it written down somewhere?

Blank stare….”why?”….incredulity.

This is ,perhaps, a tacit surveillance measure.

If a person asks about Electrical Ordinances, they must be contemplating Electrical Work, and can then be watched.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Laws should not be Secret….and Our Employees should endeavor to Work for Us, if not cheerfully, then at least with forbearance. As it stands, the City Office is quite threatening and mean spirited. Adversarial.

It may be necessary for me to Venture out of the Monastery.

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