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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh, Well....

I have entered the province of Hell.

On monday, I went to the Doctor to learn all about Sleep Apnea...seems I've gained almost 30 pounds these past 4 years...due to the inactivity that comes with greai pain...especially in the winter(Fronts, and such)
This led, I am informed, to the terribly unnerving exerience of failing to inhale, as I'm falling to sleep.I am assured that weight oss will Fix this.
So much for smoking cessation, for the time
On tuesday, my left shoulder went nuts. pulled/pinched muscle/tendon, poterior, justunder the scapula.
Bad posture, during my pseudohibernation...m bdside table is on the left. cyclobenzapine(sp?) and meloxicam was indicated, along with the usual vicodin and Brownies.
Today, Thursday, I felt much better. Legs in retreat, and shoulder managale....went on a cleaning frenzy, in preparation for my brother's brood...untill, I lifted a pie of firewod for saturday's BBQ...

the Bckstrap,lol, on my right side....something popped! I am certain that it is muscular...strained muscle, most likely...but, my God!!!! i can hardly move!
All winter, knowing I needed it, I endeavored to practice a sort of Yoga of my wn it "Broken Branch Style"...
Just stretching, really...
Like a lying down Tai Chi.
Heaven knoiws I need such things....
I had hoped, thereby, to avoid such as this.
Oh, well...
Sometimes it really sucks being me.
I cannot see far enough to edit/correct this little missive.
Bear wit h me....

There has been so much Pain in my life..

For 7+ years I have needed a hip/ankle/knee.
The rest of my ills are peripheral to these...and derived from them.Most of these peripherals are undiagnosed, and this event will likely be.

It is unknown how many of these derivative injuries could have been prevented, had I recieved timely medical care.
Uncaring dils, like Michel Bachmann, and Rik cPerry always come tto mind when i am in similar states.
keyboard is screwy, for some reason.Cheap chinese shit)


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