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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Last Two Weeks.

Got the Garden in...including little fences around most of the Raised Beds, so's the Birds can mow.
Scraped, and now Panted, the front of the house...White, with Purple trim...(Puncher Purple, tho I just like Purple.)
Blue paint on the ceiling of the porch, Sky Blue, to discourage Mud Daubers and other Hymenoptera( they can live in all the inverted boots I've put on fence posts expressly fer them...

Finished, save for the double hose ends, in each of the beds...the grey water system. Not a drop wasted, save fer the toilet.

Rainwater finished...and full. Just under 1000 gallons.
Mushroom Garden(a pile of logs) inoculated.(and the little indoor one. )

Experimenting with a portable fence, so Birds can mow the ditch.
My String Trimmer/Brush-hog, finally bit the dust...I exhausted the application of baling wire, wood screws and tape.

I have around 50-60 living lawn mowers.
...for whom I'll plant Rye, Wheat, and buckwheat for , next week, on the Wild Lot.
They'll join Geese and Ducks in the Garden.
There is now a Ton, or two, of well rotted Manure, from the Feedlot(Free), in the back yard. Perhaps St Augustine(it's very shady and damp(relative to out here....others would likely call it "Dry",lol.)

Built a sort of tabletop greenhouse, for starting flats.If it moves, I don't need a permit.
(Imperial Entanglements)

A Million little other things have gotten done, in my usual Glidepath, Hobble By and Get It Done Style.All of this, on an average 4-5 hour day, interspersed, by necessity, with frequent breaks, Vicodin and Magic Brownies, then near catatonia, at evening.

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