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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here's a letter to the editor in response to this:

I know, I now, I can't leave well enough alone,lol....

Thankfully, Mr. Kemp's Morality is not yet the Law of the land...nor is the Federal Government the Enforcement Arm of his, or any other, Church.

Under our (Secular) form of Government, the Supreme Court gets to decide what falls under the Constitution. They did so, with Roe vs. Wade....and, although that may change at some future date, it has not yet.
We have no National Preachers, Bishops or Imams who are empowered to decide Morality for the rest of us. That is up to each Individual.
Even Female Individuals.
Yes, Mr. Kemp, Women are People,too....full fledged Citizens, with all of the Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities that you and I enjoy.

Under the Hyde Amendment, no (ZERO) Federal Dollars go to Abortions. The Federal Money that goes to Planned Parenthood is specifically spent on other services, which make up the greatest share of that groups' work .By cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood, not one abortion will be prevented. What the effect will instead be, is to deny routine health care to poor women. Cancer Screenings, Pap Smears, and, yes, Contraceptives....which, by the way, DO prevent abortions!

Ab Indignato,

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