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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Boo Hoo.
“I don't wanna be “forced” to keep Arsenic out of the chicken I sell.”
Boo Hoo
“I don' Wanna share the planet with people who aren't just like me”
boo hoo
“I don't wanna pay the people that work for me”
boo hoo
“i don't wanna help pay for the highway, or the fire department or the hospital, if it might help someone whom I don't like”
boo hoo
“I wanna keep using words like “nigger” and “spic” and “cunt” and “faggot”, because I am more Important than any one's feelings”
boo hoo
“it is my Right to be a bully and a fool”
boo hoo
“it is my Right to poison the Earth”
Boo Hoo
“I don' wanna accept that there are more ways of viewing the World than just mine. Mine is Right, after all.”
Boo Fucking Hoo.
“I don't wanna join the 21st Century, I'm more comfortable in the 11th”

Here is a 1997 Debate between George McGovern and Bill Buckley( )

In light of the ascendancy of the Right since McGovern ran for President, 1972, I think it's instructive how Buckley relies on veiled insults and innuendo to “win”...while McGovern relies on the strength of Ideals.
This makes me think about how the Right “won”, in the last 40 years.
It relied on Ridicule, and Erasure.
I didn't even hear of McGovern until circa 2004.
He didn't exist.
“Liberalism” was universally regarded as a synonym for “weak” and “stupid” and “dangerous”.
Bluster and Bullying and the studious ignoring of Objective Reality...the widespread use of Euphemism and a Hyper-Selective remembrance of History.
Buckley never rebuts McGovern's assertion(backed up readily with facts) that Reagan tripled the debt and grew the deficit and set about systematically destroying the Public Sector and the Labor Movement and embroiling us in numerous brushfire wars and invasions and skulduggery(some of which we are still feeling the direct effects of(Afghanistan, Central and South America, etc).
Never is it mentioned that it was Nixon who opened up China to American Corporations, and took care of our debt by leaving Breton Woods, and essentially reneging on it(the “party of responsibility”), and that it was Reagan who jiggered the tax code and business law to encourage the outsourcing and one sided globalisation...all the while lying incessantly about what they were doing and why.

Buckley's references to “Illegitimacy” as a major problem goes without comment....perhaps George didn't want to dignify it.
It is a red herring, as it is only a Big Fucking Deal if one is ensconced firmly in Patriarchy, while never investigating the actual Causes of the purportedly rampant “Illegitimacy”(like bad men, and the moribund level of wages, vs. inflation).

It's worth a watch, if you have time.
Compare Buckley's performance with what's coming on TV out of Boulder tonight.


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