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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rhymes with “rock”....

(at least that's how I've been pronouncing it...)

Charles Koch is disappointed.


(I couldn't read the original article, on the WSJ, because I've already used up my free ones(who keeps track, and how?!))

Seems Mr Kock doesn't like all the shouting and crazy-talk, the witch hunts and
shameless hatred,the frothing ignorance and epidemic foot in mouth disease... that he and his friends helped to create.
As I've said so many times, going back years, they fed the Rough Beast meth, beat it with a hammer, and set it loose upon the world in order to shore up the relevance of “conservative values”, after so many folks have finally noticed that the 40 year experiment in Piss on My Head is, and has been, a fucking disaster, along with the attendant “Culture Wars” and the general effort to prove that “Government is Dysfunctional”(by making damned sure that it is).
Now that Beast is running(sic) the government that they despise...running it right into the ground....but because folks like the Kock Brothers(and Coors and Mellon Scaif and a hundred others, going back 80+ years) have so lavishly funded this “movement” and have been so organised and sneaky...destroying Democracy in a very real sense...there's nothing to be done.
The Beast will have to tire itself out...or, more likely, engender such a reaction from everyone else that all the Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression and related Shenanigans in the world wont be enough to keep the Goptea going.
They have no Ideas, it turns least none that will be Insane enough to pass muster with the Beast.
Soon, I expect Rush or Beck or that Savage “person” to call Charles out for being a “Rino”...or even a “DemocRat! Plant”.
Such is life for billionaires who venture into 21st Century Righty Politics.
Eventually, they get eaten.

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