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Thursday, October 22, 2015

On Hill on the Hill

(or, Gowdy-Doody gets trapped in a broom closet)

(I ain't gonna vote for her in the Primary, but this pic is priceless)

Mr. Gowdy
I understand that you're taking one for the team...likely in the hopes that Hillary will get mad and say something that can be useful in a 30 second spot...
However...To all of us non-Goptea Nutbags out here in the Nation, you are looking increasingly like a fool.
If you stop now, you might be able to retire with a little dignity(if that matters to you)...and go be a librarian or lawyer or something.
folks won't even remember, after a while.
The cat is effectively out of the bag that this is an entirely political least for (again) all of us Non-Nutbags.
The ones who believe that there's fire where there's only copious hot air are already gonna vote for the craziest goptea possible...the rest of us will not be convinced, if we haven't been already.
There's no "there" there.
So what's the point?
Please stop...this mendacious windbaggery should be beneath Members of the US Congress.

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