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Friday, October 23, 2015


It began in earnest about an hour ago(9pm, CDT), in my Left Big Toe.
As if it were in a vise.
It quickly spread through the Gravel Ankle and up the leg, and by now it was in both legs...all the way to the Titanium Hip, then the bone one.
Now it is in every joint.
I had already experienced a lesser Weather Pain Event, not two days ago...before I knew there was a Hurricane approaching. We had the usual Fall Low Pressure System, and I lay around for half a day and felt much better.
Achy and Irritable, but ok.
That's how today has been, until the switch was flipped and Patricia moved into range of my Skeletal Barometer.
Now, I am Toast.
It hurts like hell, and I know from experience that it will only get worse.
The damned thing is heading straight for me, barring the High over Colorado dipping unexpectedly to the South.
The TV Weather Guy out of Austin has been breathlessly telling us about maybe a foot of rain over the next two days, as our Indigenous Low meets up with Patricia's extraordinary Low(946 MB as of 20 minutes ago).
I felt this one at around 800 miles away.
Wilma, I felt at right at 1000, as it crossed Cuba...and Katrina, at 1100, as it passed over Florida.
Unlike those storms, I was paying attention to Patricia's approach...I was expecting this, in other words, rather than attempting to control for such expectations.
I still have no idea what the mechanism is that's at work with this phenomena(Weather Pain).
I hypothesize that it is either perturbations in the Gravity Field, or some other Scalar Field of which we are currently unaware.
As always, Research Grants are welcome.

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