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Friday, January 9, 2015

to Critter Mike, on shameless duplicity and general evil-doing.

you guys don't waste any time, at all.
I just read this:( dug into many other sources.
I had thought that you lot couldn't surprise me any more, with your duplicitous mendacity, your cruel indifference and even hostility to those less fortunate.
Congratulations! You and your Ilk in the Goptea have lowered the bar, yet again.
Since the last election...which was not a "landslide" on your part(I can count, and do sums)...I had considered retiring from my letter-writing and from my attempts to call attention to you and your buddies' assholery.
Instead, I find myself with even more resolve.
I'm watching.
My word processor is warmed up.
My address book is updated.
Y'all just keep up the attacks on the poor, the weak and the aged.
At some point, Rushbo and Faux will no longer work for you to keep your base so blind to the effects of your rabidly hypocritical hatred of the American People (the flesh and blood kind...not the paper variety).
Vincit Omnia Veritas.
...and I will do my best to help the Truth get out.

thanks for the kindling.

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