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Monday, January 12, 2015


Now, after the bells and tinsel are finally packed away again,
after the festivities and enforced joyousness have mercifully ended,
after the peeping hunters have gone back to their east Texas holes,
We are settled in for the long frigid dark,of the first two months of the New Year;
The last, more bitter half of Winter.
The Skunk has returned to under our house...I have no idea how she gets under there...
Seems like a new hole, every year.
Same with the Porcupine that prefers Wintering on the floor under the bath-tub..
One can tell by the sound the quills make as she shuffles around...scraping the iron underside of the tub.
By February, there will be Babies...”Kits”,perhaps?
Mewling and scratching.
TV Football is almost at an end(rejoice!)...but the local sporting endeavors are just getting up to speed...
I am largely exempt, due to cripplehood, and being unable to tolerate the benches
and bleachers, to say nothing of the crowds.
It is for that same reason that I only darken the theater's door for Star Wars and Tolkien...
I am Patient.
I can wait for the DVD.
The sports means that I am left alone
a lot.
More than usual.
I have driven away many my occasional drunkenness,
or by my perennial erudite obscurity.
Perhaps both—Dionysius and Apollo are Strangers, here.
The handful of people I would actually prefer to hang around with are all...
to a man...
...and married to Neandethals.(what's that all about?)
Platonic, Pseudoplatonic, relationships with crazy Hippies are verboten.
And just forget about the possibility of fuck-buddies,lol.

It's too cold out side...and my Monastery takes hours to warm up...
and I hurt too much, this time of year, anyway.
So I am terminally Bored.

Three days more of frozen darkness, and then a warm spell...
Will I explode inebriated into the hills?
Will I work too much, too soon, and spend the remaining days of this coming unseasonable warmth
curled up in agony?
Habit indicates :

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