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Friday, January 16, 2015

On the Truth, Rather Than the Lie

(What is a “Liberal”?)

All you need do
is ask....

We want to take the Best of what is Humankind,
and build a Civilisation out of it.
It is not, however, in Our Nature to Presume to Decide what is “Best”, and to then Unilaterally Universalise it. There can be no Liberal Dictators...
That is Anathema;
Dictatorship goes Against Our Nature.

Our Nature, instead, requires Discussion and Thought,
and Compromise.
….and, ultimately, Consensus.
Must We always make Decisions based on the purview of only one Facet of a Multifaceted Humanity?
Is there to be no Contact between the Mind, the Heart and the Soul?
Forever the Conflict between Our Intellect, Emotions and that which is Transcendent within Us?
We Believe and Intuit and Reason that All of Humanity has the Right to a hand in the Defining and Constructing of this thing called Humanity.
Civilisation...Society... Is, and Must be, a Joint, Cooperative, Interdisciplinary Project.
We believe in the Polis, in Democracy, in the Res Publica.(the “Thing of the People”)
Broad and Deep and Rich and Fecund.
We Accept and Acclaim a Thriving and often Riotous Humanity,
Clamoring and Whistling and Singing out,
Talking and Arguing, Agreeing and Disagreeing,
But in Absolute Agreement about only One Thing:
Our Collective and Individual and Inalienable Right to Exist.
All of Us.
Every One.
And We want to Agree on the De Minimis...the Bare Minimum of what that Means...
This Right to Exist...which means that We want to Talk about it.
We propose the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Fine Place to begin this Discussion.
Such Documents are Designed to be Added to...never Subtracted from.
We believe that there is not one Humanity, but Billions.
We believe that Each of those billions have the Same Rights.
Which necessarily includes the Right to be a part of the never ending Discussion as to just what those Rights Are and Mean.
We believe that these De Minimis Rights are subject only to the Consensus of Humankind, insofar as they be added to....never diminished.
We believe in Erring on the side of Caution...constantly bearing in Mind Our propensity to Err otherwise.
And Constantly Remembering that We are not Infallible.
That We are not Perfect.
That Perfect is a Process, never Fulfilled...constantly Under Construction.
We believe that “My Right, my Sphere of Autonomy”, ends at that Place where it Intersects with “Your Right, your Sphere of Autonomy.”...and that in Between the two, Exists a Shared Humanity.
First Use of Force is the Second Highest Crime.(the First being Denying Anyone the Right to Exist.)
Force being Defined as Coercion, in spite of or contrary to, Our Common, but Individual, Bubbles of Autonomy, that We Each carry around with Ourselves...
And in spite of or contrary to, the Needs and Wants that We All Share.
Let Us, Together, Define those Needs and Wants.
Let Us have Compassion.
Let Us Work Together.
Let Us, through Dialog,through Trialog, Quadrilog, and so forth... See the world through Each Others' Eyes.
Let Us at last take into Mind Our Common Humanity.
And Let Us have the Courage to Become what We-- All of Us,Together—are...One and Alone and Many and Together...a Myriad, Sharing a Common Denominator…
Let Us make the Defining Characteristic of “HUMAN” be “Robust in Our Diversity.

“All of Us, Together and Alone.”

Let Us Dare
To Construct a World that encompasses Us All...that has Room for Us All...
a Right for Us All...
All the World is a Cousin to Me;
If not a Brother, or a Sister.
We are each, Each Others' Ancestors.
Let Us endeavor to Behave as if We were All Related to one another.
One Big Human Family.
May We...Can least Agree on that?
All of Us?
Every One?

….and That,
Is what it means to be “a Liberal”.

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