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Friday, January 16, 2015


The courage to define oneself.
I may have been drunk at the river, but I came out of there with more trash than I brought.
Treelover? Yer damn skippy!
Lungs of the world. That's what a true conservative believes.
For Gay Rights? Yup, and proud to say.Equal Rights means Equal Rights.
You want to deny Gay People their Equal Rights because a few narrow minded folks might get upset?
I'm upset that a few narrowminded folks get to decide who is worthy of Equal Rights.
Everybody's Worthy of Equal Rights...which includes the Bigot's Right to an opinion.
That's conservative, too.
How is it conservative to let the government decide what choice of inebriant/relaxant is best for me? On my own property?
And while bothering no one?
Wanna restrict the vote? Make it hard to vote?
That ain't conservative, either.
Before you make such radical changes, you need a lot better evidence.
It's radical(in a bad way) to take people's Right to Vote.
Living Wage? Yes, for sure!
Folks who make more than enough to live on are good for business.
Folks who don't make enough to live on are Bad for business.
Pay folks more than Poverty Wages, and watch business grow.
Henry Ford knew this, why don't we?
If you don't like “welfare”, hire somebody at a Living Wage.
Wanna call yourself a “Job Creator”?
Prove it.
I don't want to be Rich...I want Enough.
Greed is not fact, it's bad.
A Greedy person is not a role model. The one who has enough to share is to be emulated.
Courage means defending Freedom, even when we're scared.
I'll not remove my shoes...or my hat.
I am not afraid of terrorists...or of the Government.
I'm afraid of Ignorance.
The Things that I do not Know are an opportunity, not something to be feared.
Dont like me fishing naked? It's a big river...go further up stream.
Don't like my cigarette smoke? I do not care for your car exhaust, or your perfume.
I'd like to have the Freedom to take the train.

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