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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Budgetary Aside.

Everyone throws around $1.5 Trillion dollars as the size of the Federal Budget for 2013.
It occurred to me, that Inflation is never taken into account.
My Proverbial Bag of Cat Food, that cost $5 in 1995, now costs closer to $20.
I would assume that the same holds true for the Federal Government...that it simply takes more Dollars if diminishing Value, to run the Government.
Here's the Inflation Calculator
Here's the cut and paste, for the current Budget, in 1984 Dollars:

Inflation Calculator

If in2013

I purchased an item for $1,500,000,000,000.00

then in1984

that same item would cost:$666,375,915,545.35

Cumulative rate of inflation:-55.6%


This is very interesting....The Current Budget , in 1984 Dollars is $666 Billion.
In 1984...also in 1984 Dollars....Reagan's Budget was:


It costs more to run a country...not because of President Obama's profligacy...but because the Dollar is worth less.

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