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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Paroxysts.

From a Rabid Right Winger who friended me, for some reason(it's been an enlightening relationship)...this, after I tore down a minor pillar of his Framework(seems Heritage did indeed come up with Obamacare,lol):
“I would be against this so called compulsory health insurance no matter who promoted it. It is not about Health care but about power.
Make Me Buy Health Care
Make Me buy a car
make Me Drink Pepsi
Control what I eat, Where I go, Who I talk to, - Fuck That...
Where does it end. As soon as the government can force You to do anything there is no limit to what they can force You to do.There will always be rich & poor, There will always be a percentage that are homeless, There will always be a percentage that are in need, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich. It will be that way no matter who the president is."Third Way" is a Dangerous Myth, much like the Clinton Surplus. Only Conservative Capitalism will save this country.Yes We need a strong military. Ever play "Risk". I Believe in the domino theory.
We have real enemy's in the world and need a strong defense against them always.Over 60 ally countries supported the Iraq invasion along with Congress including Hillary who voted to go.
We are today still trying to contain the same chemical weapons that Saddam moved into Syria then.
We needed to go to Iraq. We need to keep a presence throughout the world. Someone will be the big dog on the block & if not us then Who?The 1% already bears the bulk of the tax burden.
The top 1% of US taxpayers pay almost as much in federal income taxes as the entire bottom 95%, and half of that bottom group paid no taxes at all in 2010.The Government does not need to have it's hands in the private sector banking or otherwise.End the Federal Reserve.Out of the UN & UN out of USA.Bust the Unions which are only money laundering funnels for the Left and the new terrorist arm for the Democrat Party since the KKK (The Democrat's old Terrorist arm) went out of style. No WPA/CCC. We do not need more government run, taxpayer funded work programs that do nothing for the economy other than allow the left to skew the numbers in an effort to make themselves look good an get more votes. No More FDR Raw Deal Politics. He did not end the Depression He made it worse.We need Small Government allocated only to those powers enumerated in the Constitution. We are where we are today because We have allowed the government of become too powerful and intrusive in the lives of the people.
I tire of arguing this trash with people who need the government to baby set them. As far as I'm concerned folks that think that way need to be in a home that is suited to their wants & needs, or maybe we could allocate one state and You could all go there where You could have a nanny state to wipe Your asses. What we do not want or need is for those who think like You to decide for the rest of us what we want or need because those of us who enjoy Liberty, Capitalism, Constitutionalism & The Free Representative Republic that our Forefathers set up & intended to have just get sick of hearing and seeing the way this regime and the Left have us headed.
If the choice is Government Masters or Corporate masters then I have to choose Corporate. At least they do not fuck me under the guise of trying to help me.

"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." -Robert Heinlein

Favorite Bumper Sticker - "Earth First" - We'll drill the rest later... “

Theoden said, in LOTR,”What can men do with such reckless hate?”
This played on track 3 of my mind, as I read his last words...
Because, believe you me, there was hate behind them.
Born of Fear.

I had committed the Sin of tearing down an Assumption...of Correcting him.
Combined with all of our other “conversations”...where he has intruded into my space to ...well...I don't really know what he hoped to accomplish.
Put together, it paints a picture of a Monster. ...not he, himself...but that habit if mind...that Shadow Self in the collective American Psyche.
On 911, I was scared...not of Muslims in caves, and not of the Government...but of the Townspeople I saw at the gas station, buying gas, and bottled water, heading out to the ranch...What I saw that day is the same thing that drives people like my Tea Party Friend to such hatred.
They push it down with belligerence, but Fear is what drives them.
That day I saw ordinary rednecks, prance like roosters, and talk about kicking ass and killing...not just Muslims, but UN Troops, and even Federal Troops......all while they were evacuating Mason, Texas.
Run to the Hills...
People build belief systems...what I have termed a Framework, on which they hang their apprehensions of Reality.
The point in all this rumination, is that our Framework clashes with theirs...
We can deal with such clashes...we are open to modifying our Framework, as new data comes in.
We bend with the wind.

They, on the other hand, are rigid...their Framework is hard, ossified, and therefore fragile.
This terrifies is their deepest secret, as a people.
Pushed down so deep that they are not even aware of it.
this is why they fear, and therefore habitually belittle any form of psychotherapy...they'll confess to their Preacher, perhaps...but he will only reinforce their Certainty...not challenge it.
This is also the very Root of their Fear and Belittling of everything from the Poor to the Gay.
Almost 10 years of research, of reading everything I could get hold of on the well as almost 7 years of “field work”...of being Jane Goodall in a duck blind on Right Wing Fora...and lately, watching them on Facebook...even having them “friend” me,lol...all of it has led to this Point I'm dancing around:
That the Hard Core of the Right Wing Movement...that most extreme and paranoid and dissonant faction of American politics...the ones who have always been there, but were relegated to the Fringes of political life, until, in their desperation, the GOP saw fit to use them as a weapon, hopped up on meth, and pushed to the front lines....that Heart of Dark Fear and Malice and Hysteria and Belligerent of the same material that gave the Nazis their power.
I know, I know...Godwin's
But that's where all this staring into the Abyss has led me.
Prohibition, be damned.
GOP, seeing their stranglehold loosen, set this Creature loose on all of us.
Pure Reaction.
Mindless Confusion, that Believes wholeheartedly in it's own's own Infallibility....while paradoxically and subconsciously Fearing that it's either Wrong or too Weak.
This is the Heart...the Essential...Fascism.
Eco's Ur-Fascism.
It's where the Hell's Angels come from, John Birch Society(and a whole slew of similar if less well known Anti-Communist groups), the American Legion, the more Radical and formerly hidden versions of the Milieu that went into the formation of what we call the Religious Right...(esp. “Reconstructionism”,et al.) The KKK, and all of their Offspring, from Stormfront, back to the Silver Shirts.
It has always been there, at the edge, muttering to itself about lost glory and betrayal, and world ending retributional violence.
But the GOP, in contemplating it's end, around 06...maybe before(who knows? They do play the Long Game)...Took this Smeagol, and whipped it up into a frenzy of self righteous anger and rearguard Triumphalism.It was a Hail Mary Pass, a last ditch effort to cling to power...
But it was for naught, it seems....
The Reagan Revolution is all but over...bankrupt, hollow, their Principals laid bare for all to see.
The Pendulum has come unstuck, and is beginning to swing, again...and none too soon.
There's still time, I hope, to repair some of the claw back a little Sanity and Compassion, from the ravages of the Machine...the Corporate State.
Many Prohibitions are removed...we can even talk seriously about Capitalism.
But, if we're not careful...if we ignore this Hard Core...continue with the Taboo against Naming it...this World Ending Nihilism...then our Victory will be Pyrrhic.
The Beast that the GOP has set loose will devour itself, all the while lashing out...their fantasies of Revolution, and Saving the Constitutional Republic from Itself...all the Crazy Ass Ideas that we tend to laugh at...make fun of...all the Terror in the very center of their Being will come out.
Being the Homeland of Tea...surrounded by them...This is definitely something I worry about.
Wife worries, too...She looks at the kids, and asks if it is not more prudent to cease my outspoken critique of the Nutters.
For safety.
Because these folks are rather scary, up close.(indeed, I wrestled with posting this, at all)
I counter, that if we do that...if we do sit down and shut up...and let them have the field, then there will be no safety.
For anyone.
That's how we got here, in the first being cowed into silence by being afraid of our own ideals and ideas....even of the word “Liberal”.
We have finally found our Spines, and ...Lo and Behold!...we're winning.
We should continue in this endeavor...but have no illusions about what “Rough Beast” is the woods.

Keep all of these little insights from your favorite Feral Philosopher in mind, as we watch the Pendulum, hopefully, swing leftward once more.
Win the House, keep the Senate, and the White House...maybe even, over time, watch the GOP wither away....That is all a good thing, if it comes to pass.
But remember that folks like my Tea Part Friend are still there.
They always have been, and likely always will be.
Let us hope that the longed for more Liberal Paradigm remembers them, as well...and never again lets them so close to Power.

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